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Yoga from Thailand

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I've known Abby Blythe Hagerman since she was  a very little girl.  Abby grew up in Haliburton with her family (Shawn and Dianne Hagerman are her parents).  After finishing high school at Hal High Abby went on to complete her degree in History and Music in 2008 with a semester abroad in India. At the end of her university education Abby travel to the Himalayas, and enrolled in her first month-long intensive study of traditional Indian Hatha and Kundalini yoga, as taught by the Agama Yoga School and its founder Swami Vivekenanda Saraswati.  Abby was so inspired by the depth and clarity of the teachings that in 2009 she moved to the Agama headquarters in Thailand to participate in their Yoga Teacher Training Course (Yoga Alliance 500 hr).Since completing the teacher training Abby has committed herself entirely to the study and practice of Yoga and has been living primarily in Thailand as an active member of the teaching team, while at the same time continuing her advanced studies in the Agama courses.  Recently she has also expanded her practice into the world of Bhakti Yoga (yoga of devotion), and leads weekly Bhajans (sacred devotional chanting) circles in the jungle near her home in

Thailand.  Abby feels deeply blessed for the opportunity to share the life-changing teachings she has received and also for the opportunity to include her life-long love of singing in her spiritual work. Abby is home in Haliburton for the month of September  to attend a family wedding and is offering a variety of workshops at the Blue Sky Yoga Studio including Sound Yoga, Heart Chakra Yoga, Yoga for Purification and Healing and a weekend mini retreat to introduce people to Tantra Yoga.  Abby lead a class last September when she was home and the people who attended really enjoyed the use of sound and music and her unique and beautiful way of presenting this ancient practice.

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