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Yoga for Earth Day

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Every day when I go for a walk with my daughter and dog, I am reminded of how  grateful  I am live in Haliburton County.  I never take the fresh air, the beautiful lakes, the trails or the wildlife that I see for granted.   We truly are surrounded by beauty.   

As Earth Day approaches I am reminded that the health of our bodies depends on having clean air, clean water, and clean food.  Yoga is grounded in an understanding of this connection.   Yoga is an ancient practice that was developed in the context of a close relationship with the earth. My most magical moments of teaching a yoga class have been when there is some kind of connection with the natural world or moment of "awe" in a class.  Last winter the students at Blue Sky  laughed as  we looked out the window and saw several deer eating the apples on the tree across the road.   

This week we did our yoga practice and listened to the sound of the water rushing over the Drag River Dam.  We  are always happy when we get the opportunity to do a class when it is raining - and the background music is the rain.   These quiet moments of inspiration connect us to all parts of the planet and remind us to take good care of where we live.

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