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Welcome Home Eoin Finn

Updated: Jan 9

July 14, 2010

One of Canada's most popular yoga teachers, Eoin Finn is coming home to Haliburton this summer to visit his mother (Carole Finn) and will co-lead 2 workshops with his wife Insyia,   while he is here.  Eoin and  Insyia travel around the world to places such as Bali, Japan, Costa Rica, India, USA and across Canada teaching their style of yoga to thousands of students.

Eoin left Haliburton over 20 years to go to university, travel and explore. He began to study yoga, eastern and western philosophy, martial arts and meditation and over the years started to create his style of yoga based on finding your own happiness and bliss. He is passionate about deep relaxation (started a program where he offers spontaneous relaxation sites with hammocks in random locations) and following your bliss.  He started Vancouver which has grown into a resource that supports all of the yoga that is happening in that city today.  In 2010, Eoin's very successful business includes teaching around the world, running a yoga teacher training program, numerous volunteer projects to support the environment and social issues, the creation and production of best selling yoga DVDs and writing. Most people know Eoin from his popular yoga DVDs (Yoga for Happiness, In Pursuit of Happy Hips and Power Yoga).

Eoin is an ocean-lover who strongly advocates a belief in yoga environmentalism and social change.  He is currently working with David Suzuki on a big yoga and environmental awareness event for June 2011.

Eoin is an avid surfer and was recently featured in an article on yoga and surfing in the yoga journal.  Fusing his passion for athletics and yoga as an essential cross-training element, Eoin has worked with high-level athletes ranging from NHL hockey players to Olympic skiers in the US and Canada for whom he has created customized, performance enhancing yoga programs.

Eoin leads YES (Yoga, Ecology and Surf) Retreats around the world, sharing his deep respect and love for nature and yoga with his students. His writings on Yoga and Happiness were recently included in USA Books Today's "Best Self Help Book of 2008," the anthology "Peak Vitality", which also contains insights by Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle.

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