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The Light in the Lantern

Updated: Jan 9

Tuesday July 20, 2021

I drink Yogi tea often. It’s a brand name, and all of their flavours are yummy. I drank it it when my daughter was little because each tea bag comes with an inspirational quote attached. I read them to my daughter, and her friend who came every day for years. They made us laugh and also gave us lots to talk about. The quotes gave us a challenge to consider for our day or our life or our relationships. I had a cup of tea this week and the attached quote was “It is the light in the lantern which shows you the path, not the lantern.” I immediately tucked the thought away for a time when I would need some inspiration. I woke up this morning feeling grumpy and tired and not inspired to write this article. I had nothing to write about or say. I was not feeling inspired at all. I was not feeling any light within me. The end. But what is a girl to do when it’s her week to submit? These are the times when I have to dive deep inside myself and find the light. I know this happens to everyone from time to time. We all forget the light that is in us. I dragged myself out of bed and suggested to my husband that we go somewhere different for our morning walk with our dog, Billie Rose. A change of perspective might help I thought. We decided to go to Barnum Creek Nature Reserve to check out the bird boxes that we had put up a few months ago in the big field on the 5 km trail. As soon as I was walking I felt more alive and brighter. We got to the field and there was a plethora of wildflowers: Tufted Vetch, Goats Beard, Purple and White Clover, Black Eyed Susans. Ox-Eye Daisies, Bird’s-Foot Trefoil, Raspberries, Milkweed, Jacob's Ladder, Tall Meadow-Rue and Spreading Dogbane to name a few. As we walked through the tall grass we noticed there were Monarch butterflies everywhere. Obviously there was lots of food for them in the field. It was magical. They floated through the air, in front of us, to our sides and behind. I watched them and could feel myself becoming lighter and more inspired. Paying attention to beauty helps light the light! Jim also told me that he was seeing other species of butterflies: Wood Nymphs, Dunn Skippers and Great Spangled Fritillary’s. It was a festival of butterflies. It was quiet. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and in that moment I remembered that being in nature lights me up. I was evolving as I walked through the field. It is so important that we each know what lights us up. It’s different for everyone. I have a friend who gets out of bed every morning and go’s stand-up paddle boarding. Another drinks coffee and reads a book. Another go’s for a run. Some go to their garden or make a piece of art or bake. Some meditate and do tai chi or yoga. There are so many possibilities. We ended our walk and came home, and here I sit writing my article. The light in my lantern is lit! So grateful for the natural world.

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