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The Juno's

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Juno’s are Canada’s music awards.  Since 1970 awards have been presented annually to Canadian Musical artists to acknowledge artistic and technical achievements in all aspects of music.  This year the ceremony was held in Hamilton, Ontario  and 2 of our musically talented and appreciative community members, Thom Lambert and Sue Shikaze,  went down to volunteer.   They have many great stories to tell from their experience,  and one of them is about the  number of  Juno nominees and award winners  who have performed in Haliburton County (over the years)  because of the  Haliburton Folk Society concerts, Winter Folk Camp, the Blues Series, Razamatazz, Forest Festival and other concerts.   Sue composed a list for me (she often features these artists on her Sunday Afternoon Delight Radio Show on Canoe Fm at 3:00 pm).  The list is impressive.  It is a list that reflects hundreds and hundreds of hours of  volunteer dedication to bringing outstanding music to our county.  It’s another reason that Haliburton is an incredible place to live and learn. Thom told me he was volunteering at the door of a Juno banquet,  handing out programs, when James Hill (was here for Razzmataz in January, and lead a ukulele workshop for the Folk Society) saw Thom and came up to him and said “it’s so nice to see a familiar face” and they then proceeded to chat and James talked about how he enjoyed his time in Haliburton.  All the  performers who come to our county (whether they are nominated for a Juno or not) leave with their own stories of their experience here. And they tell their friends.  That kind of marketing is priceless!   We all need to make the effort to take advantage of, and support these kind of musical events if we want them to continue.  You can check out to see what other great music events are coming our way such as the Slocan Ramblers on May 8th  at the  Minden United Church.  On April 24,  Baked and Battered is bringing Morgan Davis (won a Juno for blues artist) to perform in their boathouse.  Thank you to everyone who volunteers to make music happen up here.  We are richer because of it.  The  following is a list of musicians who have won or been nominated for the Junos, and have performed in Haliburton County. Please note there are many classical musicians who have performed in Haliburton County who have been Juno nominees and winners....

2015 Juno winners

Catherine MacLellan (2015) Roots Album of the year - Solo

Jane Bunnett (2015) Jazz Album of the Year - Group

Other Juno winners from previous years

Jim Cuddy/Greg Keelor/Blue Rodeo

Bruce Cockburn

Steve Marriner (Monkey Junk)

Jack de Keyzer

The Good Lovelies


2015 Juno nominees who’ve performed in Haliburton

24th St Wailers

James Hill

Jeremy Fisher

Canadian Brass

Sultans of String

The Once

Other nominees from previous years

David Francey

Teresa Doyle


Murray Schafer

Rose Cousins

Jack deKeyzer

Jim Cuddy

Suzie Vinnick

Hilario Duran and Jane Bunnett

Dave Gunning

The Good Lovelies

Luke Doucet

Harry Manx


Measha Bruggergosman

Creaking Tree String Quartet

Lynn Miles


The Marigolds

Blue Rodeo

Treasa Lavasseur

Madison Violet

Chris McKhool

the Kerplunks

Fred Eaglesmith

Ken Whiteley

Mose Scarlett

Stephen Fearing

James Keelaghan

Canadian Music Hall of Fame INductees

Bruce Cockburn

Jim Cuddy, Greg keelor (Blue Rodeo)

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