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The Haircut

Updated: Jan 8

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

It’s all about the hair for me.  I have really thick hair that I inherited from my dad.  It’s been short my whole life and I like to think, funky.  I get it cut every 4 - 6 weeks and I don’t wear any make up, my hair is really important to how I feel.  I always get  compliments after I get it done. I had it cut in early February of this year,  and had planned to go again in mid March, and then then everything closed down.  I was home with my hair growing every day.  What was really funny, in hindsight, was that I swore I would never do any on line teaching of yoga or meditation because I just wasn’t comfortable being filmed. And on March 23 that all changed as I started teaching classes every day, and got to watch my hair grow as I went. No make up, no funky hair and a daily on line presence as my hair got longer, thicker and wilder.  I have always taught that yoga and meditation are about loving and accepting yourself exactly as you are and I got to practice that every day for 104 days.   Finally the day came the day when  the province announced that hair salons could open and I made my appointment.  My anticipation was enormous. I just couldn’t wait to sit in the chair and feel her hands run through my hair and cut it with confidence and love.  I’ve been going to Suzanne McKechnie for many years and I always say “do what you think will suit me” and I have never been disappointed.   I pulled into her driveway at the scheduled time and there she was wearing her mask and welcoming me.  I think I surprised her, and myself when I burst into tears.  I was just so glad to see her and so glad to be doing something that felt familiar and makes me feel so good.  I had missed her, and how she makes me feel.  In her sweet way Suzanne asked me if I was having a hard day and said she was glad to see me.  I continued to cry as I signed in, washed my hands and put on my mask.  I was just so surprised at the wave of emotion because I was having a great day and was so happy to be there.  They were tears of gratitude and anticipation.  I sat down, pulled myself together and Suzanne worked her magic.  Seriously, I felt like my long hair was sucking the energy out of me and so with each snip of her scissors I felt lighter , happier and more energetic.  Her hands just know what to do. The funny ending to this story is that I was so calm, and relaxed at the end of the cut that I paid her the wrong amount, and of course in her sweet way she didn’t say anything. It was only when I got home that I realized what I had done.    None of us will ever, ever take our hairdresser or barber for granted again.

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