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The Conductor

Updated: Jan 9

Tuesday September 28, 2021

The Conductor

There are so many healing modalities that are available to help us live a healthy life, to support us as we recover from an injury or illness and to just help guide us through difficult times. I am always grateful for the “constellation” of healers in our county that support us when we need it. The variety of modalities ensures that people can find what works for them.

For years I have read about and learned about energy medicine. There are many good teachers, and one I have worked with is Donna Eden, author of “Energy Medicine - Balancing Your Bodies Energies for Optimal Heath, Joy and Vitality.” I believe our library system has a copy of this book. One of the concepts that I learned from energy medicine is that the heart is considered the the primary system in our body. It is the rhythm keeper for every cell. We all know how the heart races when we have had too much caffeine, and we also know how the heart feels when we watch a sunrise or sunset, or when we listen to beautiful music or hold a baby. The heart influences everything. The heart loves when we are feeling or experiencing some joy. I recently did a class with a teacher who said the heart is like the master conductor and all the other systems like our skeleton, lymphatic, digestive, respiratory etc are like the orchestra, or the choir. The heart conducts it all. The heart leads and gives the systems something to align with. What is it that we want to align with every day? Our highest goodness? Our highest potential? How can we do that with love. What is our life like when love is the guiding force in our life?

As I sit writing this article, my husband is busily packing up all of our equipment and food. We are heading out on our final camping trip of the year and going to Acray, Barron Canyon in Algonquin Park. We are so excited. I think everyone can relate to that feeling of going on vacation to do something you love. Getting recharged and filled up. I know that my heart loves to wake up in a tent in a warm and cozy sleeping bag while my husband gets me a cup of coffee (ha ha ha a happy wife is a happy life is the motto I have taught him). I love waking up outside in the fall fresh air and eating all our meals outside. I love having time with our friends as we hike, bike, paddle and go birding. One thing I know about myself is that the simpler my life is the happier I am. I reminded of that every time I camp. Being in nature is good medicine for my heart, the conductor. And when I live from my heart everyone I come in contact can feel it. There are lots of really simple “energy medicine” routines that you can do to calm and soothe the heart. Check out the Energy Medicine book, or look up Donna Eden on you tube. Keep your hearts happy everyone!

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