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Sculpture Forest Re-imagined

Updated: Jan 9

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Bear lifts his head.  He’s hot.  It has been a full day. So many visitors.  The children on his back are restless. They’ve been waiting patiently to get down and run.  The Huntress is taking them swimming.   Then  Voyage, is coming down to give them a ride across the lake. They love to explore the lake at night.   Tonight want to see the moon out in the open sky.  Gelert and Eos get ready for their trail run through the woods.  They love the silence.  When everyone is gone. When they can just get lost in their own thoughts.  They run for hours and hours.  Free to move after the stillness.  The Curled Figures lead a yoga class for all the Sculptures that are feeling stiff.  The Moose lies down and has a nap.  Terminus reads some poetry to anyone who will listen. 

Midnight is the gathering time.   The Sculptures gather in the field.  Their topic of discussion on this evening is the Throwdown Collective. They have returned for another year and the Sculptures are thrilled.   Harmony tells the group how she wishes she could move like them.  The energy and the creativity they have is inspiring.  Dreaming Stones share how they love to watch them play and create something from nothing.    Redwing Frond comments on how much fun they have.  They agree that it is all delightful.  Organic.   Fire and Ice loves the music that is being created by Cellist/ Violinist Bethany Houghton and the Blues/ Rock Trio Dark is Our Danger.  The show that they are all creating is extraordinary.   And then as the evening stars shine down on all of the sculptures  Pan, the Sound Vessel and Musical Inspiration  start to create their own music and all the Sculptures join together and do the dance of the stars. They leap and twirl and swing and hop and lift and dance to their own music.  And they are full of joy.  They dance for hours until just before the sun rises when they return to their spaces in the forest, ready for another day and to welcome all the guests who will visit. 

The Sculptures invite you to  “Come and be touched by magic at one of the 4 shows that will happen in the Sculpture Forest on Tuesday July 30 or Wednesday July  31. Show times are  5:00 - 6:00 pm and 7:00 - 8:pm .  This is a “pay what you can event”, however this year you must reserve a space on line since space is limited.  You can reserve your spot at or  Please wear comfortable walking shoes as this is a “walk about” in the forest.  You can arrive at College Drive or Museum Road.  The show will begin in the Glebe Park Field.  Dogs are not allowed at this event and we thank you in advance for your cooperation with this. We look forward to being delighted with you.” 

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