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Updated: Jan 9

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sankalpa is a Sanskrit (ancient language from India)  word that means   “resolve, determination and good intention , it resonates precisely in your core and and sublimely with your essence.  I’ve heard teachers  describe  my sankalpa as my hearts deepest desire or longing.  It is a good thing for me to consider at this time of year as I enter into all the business and joy and delight and activity and indulging of December and the Christmas/ New Years seasons.  What is it that my heart desires at this time of year?  Often what I discover is that my heart doesn’t really connect with the commercialism of Christmas and what is really important to me is related to being with friends and family and feeling relaxed , healthy, peaceful and being generous and spontaneous in lots of ways.  The idea behind the sankalpa is that the “seeds of my  hearts desire” are already know me to me.  I know how I want to feel in December.  The practice of using a sankalpa suggests that I plant those seeds of desire every day into my heart and from there they will blossom into my life.  To create a sankalpa I connect with my  hearts desire and then state it to myself  in 1 sentence.  It can’t involve anyone else but me (I can’t wish for my husband to clean the house every day in December).  The sankalpa needs to be a positively worded,  starting  with I am or I feel, I experience and when I say it to myself  silently, I say it is as if it is already true.  I use  all of my  imagination and senses to visualize it happening every day.  I often check in with my sankalpa  when I first wake up in the morning,  and am lying in bed.  I close my eyes, turn to my breath and take a couple of nice smooth, relaxed, continuous breaths and I say my sankalpa silently to myself 3 times and then I visualize it moving into every cell in my body and into my heart.  It is as if I connect with the intelligence of the all cells in my body..    I take a couple of breaths, smile and then carry on with my day. I often return to the sankalpa just before I go to sleep.  It is a very peaceful and positive way to start and end each day. It takes only minutes.  An example of sankalpa would be “I feel peace  breathing through me now.”  Our minds have such an influence on how our holidays will be.  Staying dedicated to positive thinking can make the difference every single day.  I hope you have a December that reflects your hearts deepest desires.  

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