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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I recently had the pleasure of working with the staff at Dr. Butera's office.  They had won the "commuter challenge" (organized by the Haliburton Highlands Cycling Coalition) last June and one of the prizes was a series of on-site massages for the staff.

Being self employed and working on my own, it always a lot of fun to go into work places. The staff at Dr. Butera's were so welcoming and very happy to have won the prize.  They have a great little staff room that is cozy and perfect for the work to be done.  Part way through the third massage it hit me again how much I love working in quiet.  I know that Dr. Oz recently suggested, on his program, that one of the best ways to help with mental balance is to be quiet.  I personally love music and I know it can be very powerful during a massage, or in a yoga class.  It can inspire and delight and add so much fun to the experience.   But I learn over and over that being quiet is  just as profound and restorative for the whole body.

When we are quiet during a massage, or in a yoga class, or while gardening or knitting etc.  it allows the body and the mind to relax.  Silence can contribute to more self awareness and you may gain an insight or inspiration.   The whole nervous system relaxes .

Dr. Butera's staff had all had a busy morning of giving, talking and taking good care of their patients.  They had all been busy doing.  Being in silence and stillness for the  massage allowed them to "be" for a few minutes in the middle of the day.  We all the need the time to do and the time to be.  Silence is about being.

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