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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

If you met me, I’m pretty sure it would never cross your mind to think or say “Hey, you are overweight” . It is more likely you would smile and say “you are strong, you have soft ears, your nails are so sharp and your coat is so smooth.” You’d probably admire how I can climb and jump and leap with ease from one piece of furniture to another.You would say to yourself “that cat is practically perfect in every way.”

So imagine my surprise when the vet told my humans that I am getting a little overweight and need to cut back on my eating.We are in a pandemic for heavens sake. Everyone has put on a few pounds.We are all spending more time on the couch. I admit I have a saggy belly from my operation a few years ago, and perhaps it has gotten a bit bigger, but I love myself. I think I am perfect exactly as I am.I wouldn’t change anything. The vet has other ideas.She told my owners that I can’t put on any more weight.I need to get more exercise. I should consider eating diet food. Seriously kill me now if you take away my joy of eating.The dog I live with gets bones stuffed with peanut butter, cheese, kibble and other treats.I get dry little cat treats out of box.Tell me how this is even fair.And don’t get me started on the exercise. It’s been a long winter and I have lost my motivation to run around.There is nothing I love more than curling up on the couch, tucking into the soft blanket and napping my day away. I am so happy. I’m not bothering anyone.Why can’t they all just leave me alone.My humans obsess about walking the dog 3 times a day. Out they go in all kinds of weather.That what dogs love. And people too I guess. Not me. I am happy inside, curled up in front of the fireplace. I love to dream and snore and when I’m feeling really good I wake everyone up in the middle of the night for little cuddling. My life is great.And for the record I do get exercise when the dog chases me around the house every night after dinner.We run circles and dive under tables and behind furniture and onto beds.That dog who gets all that “so called great exercise” can’t keep up with me. I am 4 and she is only 1 and I win every time.I am still in the prime of my life! I need my good food and my long winter naps.I am living my perfect life.I know the vet and my humans just want to keep me healthy and fit so I live a good long life.I am thinking that spring is coming and that will inspire all of us, furry and human, to find our motivation and get going again.We will all get off the couch and we will all embrace the longer days, the warmer temperatures and the return of the leaves and the flowers.And those extra few covid kilograms will dissolve!I promise.The end.Submitted by Luna the cat

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