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Marie and John

Tuesday June 12, 2021

The conversations began almost a year ago. We were into the fourth month of the pandemic and I had started driving down to see my parents again in Acton. We were all dealing with the challenges of being required to stay home, and yet wanting company and, in the case of my parents, some support.

After a number of discussions, we decided that Jim and I would have a small addition built onto our house and John and Marie would move to Haliburton. They would leave their home of 61 years and move to cottage country. Construction began in November and a week ago my mom and dad moved into their new home, with their little dog Jester.

There are so many stories from this whole experience, enough to fill a book. Jim and I have lived in our home for 31 years, and have never moved. My parents had no experience with moving. To say we all underestimated the task is an understatement.

We underestimated everything, from how much stuff they had, to how long it would take to pack, how many boxes would be needed and the skill it would take to pack a dumpster efficiently.

I underestimated how emotional it would be for everyone. There were times when I felt completely overwhelmed and stressed.

In those moments I often thought of Caroline Myss, who is a teacher, an author and has a speciality in human health. I’ve listened to so many podcasts by her over the last year and she says that our “resilience, our groundedness, our calm and ease” all come from deep within ourselves and we all require practices to strengthen that dimension of our being. We have to dive deep into ourselves to navigate challenges that come our way in life.

Caroline herself does not meditate or do yoga. She believes in the power of quiet sitting, reading, writing and prayer and asking for what you need.

So throughout the week long process I just kept asking for help, and trusting it would come in its own time in its own unique way. And it did. It came in the form of my sister coming from Vancouver for the first time in over two years to be with us and to help. It came with North Country Movers, who moved all of the furniture from my parents’ house in Acton to Haliburton. The movers were patient, light-hearted, professional and flexible! They made us smile through the whole process.

Help also came from my friends, who dropped off meals, loaves, pies, gin, wine and chocolate and lots of text messages. It came from the builder who has been moving the building project forward, even in the challenges of Covid. It came from my parents, who made a smooth transition with so much grace and gratitude. It came from my husband, who trusts the whole process and stays positive through everything.

My parents have never had a cottage vacation and here they are living in cottage country, overlooking our Great Green Meadow. They already love the beauty, the quiet, our gardens, our animals and the fact that we can sit down and have dinner together whenever we want.

There will be challenges, and there will be so much goodness from this decision. Meanwhile I will keep on meditating, doing yoga, spending time in nature and praying.

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