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Updated: Jan 8

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Over a year ago I wrote an article about Sophie Creelman,  and how I was an undercover agent for this amazing young Acrylic Artist who is building her art business in Haliburton. As her unofficial agent I am so pleased to report that she has had a fantastic year and that she is making things happen one step at a time.  

She is becoming well known for her incredibly detailed “city views” that she creates.  While interviewing her for this article I sat beside her as she was working on her most recent piece which is a view of Toronto and the CN tower.  The detail is fascinating.  It is a painting that looks likes a black and white photograph and it is huge!   She also does abstract work and has a beautiful collection of cards.  In February of this year Sophie was given a spot as an “Untapped Artist” at the Art Project in  downtown Toronto.  The show happened in February and not only did she sell art but she was discovered by the Elaine Fleck Gallery and is now one of her “20 emerging artists that you should know about.”  Elaine Fleck has a big on line catalogue that sells world wide, as well as a store in Toronto.   Sophie has pieces of her art for sale in other galleries in Toronto as well as Ottawa.  Sophie was given a spot on the Haliburton County Studio tour and has built her  studio, that feels like an art gallery,  in Industrial Park in Haliburton (visits are by appointment only at this time of year).  The studio tour is run by the artists who are on it,  and Sophie is working hard on the social media and marketing committees.   

Her most recent project is called Making It.  Laurie Jones from the Rails End Gallery reached out to 3 young Artists to support them in “making art.”  “What does it take to make it as an Artist these days? This exhibition takes a look at the work of three young female Artists living in the Haliburton Highlands.  What are their ambitions and goals as “creatives”, art-trenreneurs and pathfinders?” The 3 young artists are Tiffany Howe Noellia Marziali and Sophie.    All of the pieces for this show have been created for this show and the Artists were all encouraged to do something new. Making It runs from March 31 – May 20.  There is an opening reception on Saturday March 31 from 3- 5 pm at the Rails End Gallery.   Everyone is invited! I think it is really great that Laurie and the Rails End Gallery are supporting and mentoring these young artists.  It’s just another example of how great our community is.  All young adults want to live in a community that is supporting their dreams and work.  If you would like to see more of Sophie’s work check out

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