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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The practice of yoga helps us become more comfortable with surprises and the unknown.  Every single yoga posture is always unique and different because of the very subtle refinements that the yogi makes as they pay attention to the smallest actions in the pose. There are 1000 variations of every pose.  Over time a yogi becomes  strong and stable, precise and focused and very attuned to small actions in the pose that make a big difference.  They do this by learning to  stay present, aware and mindful.  In my experience the magic happens in a pose during the smallest of the details.  The magic in the pose is so subtle and yet  so profound.  Of the course the work of the yoga practice then becomes paying attention to moments of magic and playfulness and ease and taking those lessons and applying them to our every day postures of  life in very small ways.   We each have the capacity to add magic into our lives – into the most beautiful situations and even in trying ones. 

I had a very magical experience this week. It was the Mach full moon (the last full moon of the winter) which is sometimes referred to as the “worm moon”  because  of the worm trails that would appear in the newly thawed ground.  In more northern parts of the world it is sometimes called the “crow moon” referring to the sound that the crows  make signaling the end of winter.    I know many people who went outside on the full bright worm moon to walk their dog, snowshoe, ice fish and snowmobile.   I joined a group of people  who spent the evening at Moosewoods enjoying the cross country skiing.  We arrived to a path that was lit by hand made ice candles. It was magical.    Carolyn Ellis took the time to make the candles and place them carefully and that small action  said loud and clearly “welcome and I care that you have come.”  A small magical gift that made set the tone for a special evening.  The fire was lit in the hut and homemade treats were provided for everyone.    The moon was so bright that headlamps were not needed.  As we glided quietly along the trails the moon and the stars lit our way.  It was -18 and the air was so fresh and we all felt incredibly grateful.   These are the magical moments that make Haliburton County the best place in the world to live.   So simple and so profound.   Each of just needs to pay attention to the magic that is already there, and how we can add even  a little bit more into it.  I think we can all agree that this relates to our families and to our work.  We are all magicians.

Saturday April 4 is the next full moon has many names such as the Full Pink Moon which welcomes one of the first spring flowers – wild ground phlox.  It is also known as the Egg Moon, Fish Moon and Grass Moon.   I wonder what magic will happen between my full worm moon ski and the next full moon. 

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