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Kitty Power

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

As our kitty, Luna, stood on me and gently tapped me 3 times on the forehead, then 3 times on the cheek and finally 3 times on my shoulder to wake me up I decided it was time I wrote about her again. She has been with us for exactly 1 year this month.  And what a year it has been.  She has made her way into each of our hearts and we couldn’t imagine our life without her now.  We have our golden retriever Bella, who is 12 this year, and who is loyal,  predictable and spoiled and such a great companion.  We had no idea how she would respond to the cat, or how they would get along.  Bella has always had a very generous spirit and welcomed all furry guests into our home when we look after them for friends.  So of course she welcomed Luna.  They were easy together from the moment they met.  But I realized right away that Luna asserted herself as being in charge of our home.  She does it in a quiet, subtle way. I feel like she has the big picture of who is where and she manages us.  She greets us when we come in the house.  She runs around and organizes Bella and us at their meal times.  And she has one bossy meow when she wants something.   Luna has many beds in the house and can sleep wherever she wants. Bella has one.  In the beginning Luna slept on Bella’s bed, and Bella took up the floor.   Bella went along with it, and eventually Luna gave her back her space.  Luna loves to play with her toys at all times of the day and night.  If we aren’t there to throw them down the stairs she does it herself and then retrieves them.  It amazes me how she gallops around at warp speed in the mornings, from one end of the house to the other.  She slips and slides and is on top of things and then on the floor.  In the next moment she is daintily walking on the piano between the pictures looking at the frames and not knocking anything off.  We created a little tent for her out of a scarf and bed and every day around 4 she go’s into it and stays there napping for a few hours.  She is a creature of habit.  She is an indoor kitty but does go into our screened porch where she sits and watches our bird feeders for hours.  One time in the middle of the night she did escape outside (I was letting Bella out) and I found myself running around the yard with nothing on chasing a cat.  Luckily she was more scared than I was, and immediately ran back inside and hasn’t tried it since.  Luna makes us laugh every day with her antics.  And the best thing about her, and Bella, is that there are both a happy, warm, furry presence in our lives no matter what is going on and how challenging things get.  They are unconditional love and everyone needs that!  

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