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Kitty love

Updated: Jan 9

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

This is a love story between 2 black cats named Peachy and Luna. I first met Marcia Stephen over 30 years ago when she dropped her middle daughter, Myra, off at camp. She was a bright and cheery mother who was very proud of her 3 girls! Marcia and I crossed paths many times over the years, but became very connected in the past year and a half. Marcia developed Alzheimers and it became necessary for her daughters to take turns living with her.

Marcia had a cat named Peachy who was her best friend. Marcia loved Peachy with her whole heart and Peachy loved Marcia. Quantum physics tells us we are all communicating with all life all the time. We are all in a relationship with each other and paying attention is the most basic expression of love. Marcia poured her attention into Peachy, and that created a beautiful loving bond that really helped Marcia every day. Peachy sat on her lap, slept with her, marched up and down the halls with her , made her laugh every day and was by her side constantly.

Throughout her life Marcia was always an avid card writer and one day a card for our kitty, Luna, arrived in our mailbox. And that began a pen pal relationship that made all of us smile. Being creative and silly is good for everyone. And there are a lot of cat cards out there! I recently heard a teacher say that enlightenment is a willingness to be intimate with all of life. The life within you, and the life around you. Marcia was someone who was intimate with all life throughout her life. She poured her love and attention into her family, her work, her hobbies, her friends, her adventures, her volunteer work, her book club, her yoga class, the nature conservancy, her community and her kitty. Marcia’s attention created deep bonds between her and all of life. Nothing was left out. Nothing was turned away or considered separate. What a beautiful way to live. I think a person feels larger and more expansive when they feel like they belong, and that they are connected to everything. Marcia lived a very large life.

In May a group of us joined together to create a team to enter into the Haliburton Highlands Challenge (HHC) , to raise money for people living with cancer and their caregiver. Myra asked Marcia if she wanted to participate and of course the answer was yes. Marcia loved to join in and she always wanted to help others. Myra and Marcia created a goal to go on adventures and seek beauty as part of their commitment to the HHC. They were able to go on one adventure and as always had stories to tell and pictures to share. On July 22 Marcia passed away, surrounded by her family who loved her. Our HHC team is forever grateful for the willingness Marcia had to join us and do what she could. She may have forgotten that she ate breakfast, or where she got her beautiful necklace from, but she never forgot that she was connected, that she belonged and that she can help make a difference. We miss you Marcia, and just know that Luna has already sent Peachy a card.

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