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Kindness Revolution

Updated: Jan 9

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

As summer approaches and I am busy doing all the final preparations for my summer work schedule.   I have been thinking about how I will be in my work and what I will give to the students who choose to come through the doors of my business this summer.  I try to remember that people who come here on vacation are on a retreat for a  day or a week or a month.  They have chosen to come to Haliburton as a place of refuge to  relax,  get renewed, have some fun, learn, have adventures,  connect with their family and friends and to step away from the busyness of their daily lives.   And they come here with perceptions about how “us locals” live.  I often hear “you are so lucky to live up here, it is so peaceful  here ,  it is so beautiful here, I wish I could live here year round, you are so laid back.”  And I nod my head .  I am grateful every day that Haliburton County is my year round home. We, who live here, hold the space for those who come to rest.  And we benefit because they use our businesses and allow us to earn enough income to stay year round.  It is busy and at times feels chaotic but it is what it is.  We all benefit.    I’m going to work really hard at being the most positive and kind business owner that I can be this summer.  My intention is to start each day with a little ritual where I just anticipate all the positive things I have to look forward too. It is so easy for us humans to fixate on the stress, the difficulties and the hard things. It is very  helpful to have little rituals that regularly help to shift our minds into a positive perspective.  It is important that we notice the richness and fullness of our lives even in the hardest summer days when we feel overworked and tired.  We must stay connected to all the goodness that is around us.  It not only will help us, but will help everyone who walks through the door of our business. I like to think of creating a kindness revolution where everyone who visits the county can feel it.   Even when we feel short on time, we can make even the smallest interactions meaningful.  I’ve learned this over and over in my yoga practice. If I only have 10 minutes to do a a few stretches or to sit in meditation,  the attention and awareness will produce some kind of shift.  Someone recently said to me that attention and awareness are the master healers in yoga.  Care attention given with kindness and compassion for even a few moments will say a lot to the visitor about Haliburton County.  So whether you work at the library, early years centre,  a restaurant, a café, a gas station, the dump or any other place of business or gathering, you contribute to the culture of Haliburton County. Each of us can make a difference in small and meaningful ways.  And those are the stories that will get told about our county when people return back to their busy lives. It is a short season and we must do our best to benefit from it.    Have a great summer everyone and be part of the kindness revolution in Haliburton County!

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