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Jeff Coyell

Tuesday May 23, 2023

Our county is made up of many unique and diverse pieces that come together to make a very rich and interesting whole. Everybody matters and every business matters. The diversity makes us an interesting place to live and visit. We can never take for granted what each of us brings to the whole.

We lost a beautiful piece of the whole last week when Jeff Coyell from the Haliburton Supplement and Bulk Food Store passed away suddenly. I, like everyone who knew him, am very sad and still in shock. Jeff was a very lovely friend and store owner. I was in his store a few days before he passed and we had enjoyed our usual bantering and conversation. Jeff had a smile on his face whenever we connected. He was a very happy man. When I saw him we always began our visit by talking about our dogs. His loyal and well trained dog, Jack, was one of the dogs that inspired Jim and I to get our dog, Billie Rose. Jeff loved Jack and had a big picture of him in his store. We often ran into the two of them when we were doing our early morning walks in the park. After the catch up on the dogs, Jeff would ask about my husband and daughter and I would ask about his family. Jeff genuinely cared and always listened as I chatted away. The conversation would move to my business and how I was doing and what was new or different or challenging in the world of yoga. He was consistently interested and kind. In all the years I knew him he never complained or said anything bad about anyone or any business. He made it easy to want to shop in his store. He made it easy to want to return.

I think we can all learn from that. It takes so little to offer a kind word, to ask good questions and to listen. And it makes such a big difference. I always felt like he listened to understand and to connect. And that made me a loyal customer and friend for many years. In the wisdom traditions they teach that our bodies are a vessel or container for our spirit, our essence or our inner light. Jeff’s body has returned to the earth but his spirit, his essence, his kindness will be remembered and felt by all who knew him. Our thoughts are with you Kelly and Jack and thanks Jeff for running a great business in our village and for being a good friend. You are missed.

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