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Updated: Jan 9

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

I stepped out of the shower the other day and my husband had put some music on in the kitchen while he was cooking. A song was playing that I haven’t listened to almost a year. It’s called Hard Workin” Hands by Dave Gunning. “ If you want to know the kind of man I am, take a look at my hard workin’ hands.” I immediately went to another place and time in my life. I was remembering the men (and women) who participated in my “yoga for builders” class for more than 10 years. I would often play this song at the end of the class when the students were relaxing. I also played another song by the same artist “These Hands”. In this song Dave sings “What shall I do with these hands of mine… some hands can stop a life from dying, some hands comfort a baby crying……”. I played these songs as a tribute and recognition of the power of their hands and the work they created and the homes they built. Every week I witnessed these builders working on their flexibility, core strength and balance so they could do their good work with their hands. I was so in awe of them showing up week after week and participating in the yoga, the meditation, sometime qigong, the relaxation and yes sometimes we even sang. We laughed a lot and always had great conversations. I always joked that I was going to take a class picture and submit it to the Yoga Journal for its’ cover. Haliburton Builders on the cover of that magazine would really make me smile! This is one part of my job that I really miss in COVID.

Last summer my husband and I, and my parents, made the decision to build a small addition onto our house that my parents will move into. The universe conspired to help us and our favourite builder, who has done work on our house before, said his crew could do our build. Work began in November and every day, every step of the way I have been so appreciative of the “hard workin’ hands”. I am not exaggerating when I say that every person (laying the pad, foundation, sewage, framing, wiring, insulation, dry walling, heating, flooring, plumbing, painting) has been kind, positive and has done an excellent job. I feel like the addition is full of good vibes. One image I will always remember is in December when the roofers were working and they had Christmas tunes cranked all day. Often times I’ve heard the builders singing to their radio or chit chatting to each other as they get things done. We could not be more appreciative of all of it. My parents will move into a beautiful new space that is the result of so much hard work. To everyone who has worked on this space, thank you. My parents will love it. To all builders I hope you are taking good care of yourselves and keeping your body strong and resilient so you can continue to do your good work in our county! Thank you.

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