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Haliburton Angels

Updated: Jan 9

Tuesday November 28, 2023

John Lennon said “We can’t help everyone, but we can help someone.” In these challenging times in the world we are living with wars, poverty, climate change, artificial intelligence, discrimination, an overwhelmed health care system, homelessness etc. There is a lot going on and it is easy to wake up and turn on the news and feel hopeless, worried, depressed and anxious, or we can choose to choose to place our attention else where. We can acknowledge there are challenges world wide, and challenges on our front door. And while most of us can’t do anything about the war in the Middle East or the Ukraine (of course some protest, pray or send blessings and that helps) what we can do is get involved with something right in front of our noses and help out. And it will make us feel better. We can each sew little seeds of hope in our own community through our work and volunteering or by being a good parent or grandparent. There are a million ways to do this.

Right now people are donating and raising funds for the Heat Bank. Groups are clearing trails to get ready for our ski season. Others are rehearsing for upcoming Christmas concerts which will lift everyones spirits. Some are volunteering at our local schools or for our local land trusts. I know people who make soup for their neighbour on a regular basis. Others share their firewood. . People are making a difference every day in small and significant ways in their own communities.

My family has recently been the recipient of 2 angels that have come into our lives to support my dad John, who turned 95 last week. I am like one big bubble of gratitude when they come because by doing their work, they are helping our whole family in ways I can’t put into words in this article. One of the things I love about these angels is that I have known them from a distance for pretty much their whole lives. Jim taught them and they are both graduates of our Haliburton Highlands Secondary School. Abby Gordon is 23 years old and was born in Australia but pretty much grew up in Haliburton. She started her own business called Karinya which is an Australian Aboriginal word that can be translated to “a happy and peaceful home.” Abby works with seniors and people with special needs. I can tell you that she brings peace and joy with her when she comes to help my dad. He loves her. When she in my parents place, I can overhear her chit chatting with both of my parents. She is laughing and telling them stories and answering their many questions about her life. She is a bright spot in their week, every week. And that helps Jim and I so much. Abby sews little seeds of compassion, caring, warmth, friendliness with every visit. We are all uplifted by her. Thank you Abby!

Our second angel is Courtney Bishop, who is a mama, wife, daughter, mother in law, sister, friend and a fantastic nurse who is on top of her game! Courtney has been coming to work with my dad who has leg issues and is in pain. She is so bright and smart and gets things done. She doesn’t judge his beliefs and she gives him so much confidence in his body with every visit. And again, by her sewing her seeds of caring, kindness, attention she uplifts our whole family. And when I feel uplifted I can go and teach my yoga classes which inspire me, and hopefully the people who attend. And the ripples expand from there. The world needs all of us to sew our seeds of compassion. Then you Courtney.

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