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Girls and Whales

Updated: Jan 8

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Many people think that yoga is a solitary practice, but in reality it is an inner journey  that can birth a love for one's own being  that then can gracefully lead  to a life of loving all beings.   And when we love all beings, and believe that we are connected to everyone and everything  then

there is a natural desire to serve.  There are so many excellent examples of people who serve the community in Haliburton County in so many ways - big

and small, visible and invisible.  It is very inspiring.  I am currently in awe of two people who grew up in this lovely county and have moved to different parts of the world and are each giving and serving in their own

way.  Katherine Hagerman (daughter of Dianne and Shawn Hagerman) is living in Africa and works as a Program Officer for the South African Aids Trust. On Sunday June 3,  Katherine will stand at the starting line of the Comrades

Ultra Marathon which involves running  89 km from Pietermaritzburg to Durban,  South Africa to raise funds in support of the Samburu Girls Foundation - a  a non-profit organization working to end female genital

mutilation and early child marriages in Kenya by supporting young girls in rural Kenya to stay in school.   The 'Samburu Girls Foundation', a non-profit organization in Kenya was started by a good friend and colleague of  Katherines,  Josephine Kulea.  Josephine is a renowned children's rights

activist and Public Health nurse. She plays a unique and important role in the struggle for girl child rights because as a Samburu, she comes from a culture where female genital mutilation (FGM) and early child marriage are

practiced. A courageous leader, she has taken a stand on these issues and intervened in the marriages of young girls in her community. In 2008 she started the Samburu Girls Foundation to provide a safe place for young girls

to live, grow and be nurtured while they complete their studies. The organization is new and growing, now having rescued 46 girls and 11 babies. You can learn more about them here: .  For more information about how to sponsor Katherine for her run (even after the fact)  you can contact her at

On Friday June 8, I will be attending another unique  fundraising event in Vancouver  that is being lead by Eoin Finn. Eoin is the son of Carole Finn and the late Don Finn. He is a yoga teacher who does many fundraising events

to support social and environmental causes.  On June 8 he will be leading Yoga with the Belugas at the Vancouver Aquarium in support of World Ocean Day and in honour of the water that connects us all.  Eoin will be leading

yoga in the underwater beluga whale viewing area where I am sure we will all feel connected to these magnificent creatures.   I will be in Vancouver to attend my nephew' s graduation from High School and  am grateful to my

sister who made the donation so I could attend!    It all makes a difference.

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