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I met a man a few years ago at the Winter Folk Camp and we had a conversation where he told me about the 3 things that people need to have in order to be happy.  One of them was good sleep  and one of them was good conversation (which I interpret as good friends). I can't remember what he said the third thing was, but I'm sure we all have good ideas about what that would be.  

I do believe that good sleep, and friendship is important to our lives.  And friends can come in all shapes and sizes and ages.   I feel very very lucky to have really good friends who I love, and who love me.  They enrich my lives in so many ways and are all so different.  I love the diversity.  And, because of my yoga and qigong practices I have expanded my idea of friendship to be very broad.    

I know that my dog Bella is a quiet and loyal friend who takes me on walks every day.  Our cat,  Cici,  is a friend who makes me laugh every day with his silly antics and his delightful exploration of everything.  

The big pine tree outside of the Blue Yoga Studio, where I teach,  is a magnificent friend who I feel keeps me company every time I teach a class.  It is a tall, strong, beautiful tree and right now there are beautiful morning glories planted at it's base.  They are winding themselves around the truck and climbing up.  Every time I look at them I smile.  

My family tries  to grow many different types of flowers in our gardens and

planters and when I get up in the early morning and head outside to water

and deadhead them, I feel like I connect with these quiet, beautiful little

friends every time.  Their beauty, combined with the fresh air of the early

morning makes my heart expand every day and inspires me.  

My husband and I have been out kayaking on lakes across Haliburton County.  Every day trip is different and we always have some kind of encounter with friends such as a blue heron, a loon, a beaver, some owls calling, beautiful orchids in bloom, water lilies etc.   Someone said to me once "surround yourself with inspiring people  and it will make you feel inspired. "   I agree with that, and  I'll go further to say surround yourself with nature - inspiring trees, plants, sunrises, flowers, garlic, rivers, lakes, forests etc. and you will feel  inspired.  We live in such a beautiful part of the world and all we have to do is get outside and pay attention to discover the beauty and the friends!

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