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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

I sit in my kitchen. It’s evening time and I’ve opened my iTunes and I’m listening to so much music I haven’t listened to in a while. Coco Love Alcorn sings a song called “That Old Feeling.” My friends sang it to me last year on my birthday. In this song Coco sings about the healing and joy and peace that can be found when we gather with close friends and let ourselves truly engage in a moment together. “We... gather around when we can… and we let ourselves be true. It doesn’t matter how the years go by, that old feeling always comes through.” I cried when they sang it to me then, and I have a big lump in my throat as listen to it tonight.

It’s our year anniversary of COVID and we have all endured alot. We’ve followed rules. We’ve stayed home. We built outdoor living rooms (well my friends did). We have had many creative birthday parties. Every one has been unique. For one we had everyone mail cards and the birthday guy was surrounded by so many hand written well wishes. For one we had a zoom dinner and we all cooked the same meal together and we talked and laughed and caught up. In December, we sat outside in the gently falling snow, by the campfire and ate birthday cake. We made a care package and mailed it to a friend last week. We paddled for a July birthday. We rode bikes for a May birthday. We did a socially distant potluck where we all took food to a central location and then filled our plates and took them home and had dinner on zoom. One lucky friend got a video with a whole bunch of people singing happy birthday and sending wishes. We haven’t been in each others houses for months and months, but we have stay connected and carried on in new and creative ways. We have followed the rules. Our county has done so well keeping the COVID case numbers down. And still, we are not done. There is the risk of a third wave. People have not been vaccinated yet. We need to stay the course. In some ways it almost feels harder now because we are so close and we just want to do the things we used to, like go to a concert or a hockey game or visit family members, or go to a friends for a dinner party. We will get there. But not yet.

This is when we all need to invoke our inner warrior and stay strong, grounded and committed. We need to continue to endure. The time has changed, the days are longer. The sap is running. The ice will melt. Spring is coming. Flowers will start popping up. Leaves will return. Soon our county will be filled with birds returning from the south. It will get warmer. The earth will continue to evolve and so will we.

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