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David Francey

Updated: Jan 8

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

There are many reasons why I meditate.  Here is another  example.  For years I have been a fan of David Francey.  I own some of his music and I use it my classes and I listen at home. I love the stories that he tells about real people in real places.  A couple of my favourite songs of his are “Grateful”  and “The Ballad of Bowser Macrae “  which is a love song.   David was born in Scotland (has  a lovely Scottish accent) and worked as a carpenter until he was in his 40’s and his wife convinced him to start performing.  

I have followed him for a number of years.  He is coming to perform in Haliburton, (it will be his  second time in our community), on Saturday January 30 at the Northern Lights Pavilion.  Our local Folk Society is bringing him.   I have been telling my friends and students about him for weeks and weeks in anticipation.  Last week I given  a beautiful gift when a friend sent me a message. She had won “dinner with David Francey” before his Haliburton performance.  Our local folk society always hosts the performers and does a dinner with local folks to welcome, in this case, David.  My friend won the draw to be part of the group that hosts and welcomes David and she invited me to go along with her.  I was so delighted when I got the email and immediately responded with a big yes and much delight. I was just so thrilled and honoured to be asked.

As soon as I hit send on my computer I started to worry about the dinner.  What will I say? I’m not a musician.  I’m not a performer.  Who else will be there?  And all these stories start to loop around in my mind and within half an hour I’m ready to call and say I can’t go. I’m too nervous.  And then I take a couple of deep breaths and I notice the habit of my mind to always doubt myself in almost every situation.  I have a habit of thinking I’m not good enough or not worthy and I worry.  I am really good at worrying. And these are  habits that have deep roots in my being.  I know they thoughts aren’t true, but if I didn’t catch them  I wouldn’t do anything. I would just say no and miss out on an incredible opportunity.  That’s the gift of my meditation practice. It has  taught me to be aware of these habits and to be kind to myself when I notice them  happening. It isn’t always easy to work through, but I do and then I choose to respond differently.   I’m a great ambassador for Haliburton!  I love where I live and I am interested in everyone.  Of course the evening will be fun.  And I’ll have great stories to tell my friends.  

A small group of us recently started a Haliburton Meditation Group.  No cost, no registration required and all levels of meditators are welcome.  We do some quiet sitting, share a reading and have a conversation if we want.   If you would like to get your name onto our mailing list to join us please call me at 705-457-3121.  Everyone is welcome.

.Tickets for David Francey are available at Halco in downtown Haliburton, Organic Times in Minden and on line at

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