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Billie Rose

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

This story begins in February when we looked after Charley.  You can probably guess where it is going.  I realize how much I love dogs... walking a dog.. the company of a dog...looking after a dog.  ..It's what am I good at.  I still miss Bella every day.   

So in March Madeline and I began looking for a dog... and we have had a big adventure that I can tell you about some time if you are interested (it involves being scammed, money, a guardian angel, the loosing and regaining faith in humankind) .    Anyways... today Madeline and I went to a farm outside of Orillia and picked up our 8 week old golden retriever.who we have named Billie Rose.  She is so quiet, beautiful, sweet and totally attached to Madeline and I.  We love her already.  Luna is currently not impressed but we are confident they will work it out.

It took me some time to convince Jim of this because we know we want to travel a bit.  I talked to Andrea and Dan who always took Bella when we went on the big group adventures, and of course they said they would take her when they can. and also be my consultant around training ha ha ha. 

It is our intention to do a good job training her so that she is a good dog that people will be happy to host on occasion.   

We will bring her around to meet each of you in the next few days.  She is pretty timid and shaking alot tonight, we we will give her some time to settle and then will bring her around.   She has the beautiful puppy belly and the puppy smell and the sharp puppy teeth ha ha ha.

We can't wait for you all to meet her!  Peace and love and a special thanks to AM.   See you soon. xoxox

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