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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Let the beauty that we love be who we are."  This is a favourite quote of mine by a poet named Rumi. Sometimes when I'm out for a walk on a beautiful sunny, bright blue sky winter day I contemplate the role that beauty plays in the healing of our bodies and in the healing of our planet.  I think that paying attention to beauty is a very profound act that can have  a positive impact on our overall state of well being.   I think this is especially true when I'm having a hard time or dealing with something difficult in my life. Taking the time to consciously seek  and appreciate the beauty that is around us can be very healing.    In some styles of yoga the practice is based on beauty.  The yogis suggest that the diversity around us is what is what makes the world so interesting and delightful.  The different kinds of flowers, trees, birds, people,  snowflakes, landscapes,  sunsets, kinds of tomatoes, species of butterflies,  etc. all make the planet an interesting and joyful  place to be.   The diversity is the beauty.  

One of our jobs as human beings is to pay attention to the beauty that is around us and in us.    When we stop and truly appreciate and be grateful for the beauty that crosses our path, it somehow makes its way into our souls and is always with us.   And then we are happier, more vital people.  We are the beauty that we love.     Having a practice like yoga, meditation or qigong  can help build your capacity for paying attention and seeing beauty in yourself and around you.  In these practices, we learn to give our full attention to the quietest, most subtle aspects of our being - we  notice how our breath is a gift and moves in so many different ways in our bodies.  We notice how good we feel after we give ourselves some time and quiet attention.    And then that ability to pay attention and to observe expands into our every day lives.  And I/ we   find myself going through my days noticing  when beauty crosses my path .  I always try to take  a few minutes to really see it, feel it and appreciate it.  And I think somehow that experience expands my energy and I feel more alive and more vital.  And really, that is what yoga is about.  Feeling more alive and more vital.  So my suggestion for all of us up here in beautiful Haliburton County is to regularly pay attention to the beauty that comes our way - whether it is outside in nature, listening to a beautiful piece of music,  looking at an exquisite piece of art, observing a smile on someone,   or whatever else comes your way.  We are such a beautiful community.  No wonder people love to come and hang out up here!  We all contribute to it.  Have a beautiful day.

The picture above was taken by my good friend Peter Rasberry. He captures so many beautiful images on his camera.  This one is of our dog Bella who enjoying the view while on a walk along the river.

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