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Beans and Opera

Thursday, September 29, 2011

We live in a magical and very generous place.  Magical things happen here all the time because of people who are organized, creative, hardworking and generous  (with their time, money, expertise, products, energy etc.).   We are so (*& We*&%^% lucky.   If you went to any of the performances at the Northern Lights this summer you either laughed or cried or were inspired. Seeing our young people up on that stage singing and dancing in Anne of Green Gables is just one of the outstanding moments from that stage.  Dusk Dances only happens in a few communities across Canada and one of them is here.  Being in Head Lake Park, watching our local kids and professional dancers move in such creative ways as the sunsets was  a gift.  And Dusk Dances is by donation!  Everyone can afford to do it.  The School of the Arts continues to bring in such talented teachers and keeps inspiring art in this community.  The new sculpture "Gelert" in the Sculpture Forest is magnificent!!!!!!!!  My daughter and her friend climbed on it and went for a ride.  Where else can you climb on art??   The Haliburton Forest ran a series of concerts that were incredible.  I was lucky enough to attend the Sultans of String concert in the logging museum and it was an evening I won't forget.  4 men jumping with joy as they played their guitars and violin (1 man was the drummer so he didn't jump).  Everyone in the room was in awe of this group.   I felt like I could have jogged back to Haliburton at the end of the evening - I was so full of their energy!  And then my family had the pleasure of attending the Abbey Garden Celebration/ End of Summer Harvest Party.  If you don't know about Abbey Garden (located just north of West Guildford) you will soon.  It is a growing force in our community.   The garden is beautiful right now with an abundance of sunflowers and produce.    The entire evening was magical, but when the Opera Singers started to sing (I have never been to an Opera before) I was in shock.  I didn't expect it, and it was so moving.  My daughter and Iistened to 2 songs under the tent, and then we went out to the garden to pick beans (for sale at the market in Carnarvon on Friday's).  Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that I would be working in a garden and listening to Opera.  It was a moment that Madeline and I will never forget.  There are so many magical experiences up here and I know I've only attended a couple of the many that happen.  I think we all need to thank each other for working hard this summer and contributing to making these special events happen - whether it is by attending, donating, leading, organizing or telling a friend to go if you couldn't be there yourself. All these activities   add  to wonderful vibration that keeps building in the county.  Have a great fall everyone and look for the magic!  It's all around us.

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