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Updated: Jan 8

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

As I sit here to write my article I look out the window and I can see that rain and freezing rain will begin shortly. I was outside a lot of yesterday and it was warm and sunny and I got attached to it. I keep believing that winter is over and the warm spring days are here permanently. And then it gets cold or it snows or rains.

It is in these moments that I have to practice so much patience. Patience with the mud. Patience with the snow that still covers our yard. Patience when it is colder than what I want it to be. Patience when I still have to wear a warm coat or mittens. Patience with my own impatience. 

There are signs that spring is coming and I have to admit that I rely on them. I think everyone smiles when they see their first pussywillow. They are a sign of hope to all. Birds start to return to the county and so far my friends have reported bluebirds, sandhill cranes, robins, great blue herons, red-winged blackbirds, woodcocks, pheobes, song sparrows, juncos, winter wrens and more. These birds know that warm weather is coming. I love to listen to their spring “find a mate” song. It is so full of hope as they stake out their territory, start looking for a female and eventually build their nests. 

The snow is going to melt in the forest and the sea of trilliums and trout lilies will appear and we will be able to harvest wild leeks. We will get into our gardens and dig soon. We are going to see our garlic shoots emerge. Our daffodils will poke out and we will be looking for hints of green in the stem of the rose bushes to see if they survived. We will be able to sit on our deck in the morning sun and have a cup of coffee or tea. The buds on the trees will gradually emerge. The bugs will return and we will complain about them.

Kids of all ages will get their bikes out. The playground will be full of kids running around and playing. Our diets will change as the seasons change and we will be able to eat more fresh and locally grown food. The farmers’ markets will start up again. We will get to dig out our spring and summer clothing. The warm spring days will return. 

But today they are calling for rain and freezing rain. And so I’ll take this opportunity to curl up with a good book, make a yummy dinner and maybe have a nap. In the big picture, we are lucky to live up here and to have the seasons that provide us with so many opportunities. So I’ll be patient as I wait for the warm spring days. 

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