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Tuesday May 25, 2021

Within each and everyone of us is a huge capacity for love, kindness, generosity, compassion, joy, adventure and grace. Every word, action and thought can influence our own well being, and the well being of the whole planet. Every day we make choices about how and if we are going to infuse our interactions with any or all of these positive emotions.We all have the power of love to uplift, inspire and support.

I turned 60 this week.Where does the time go? We are in month 14 of the pandemic and, in a lock down. I knew my friends would do something for me, but I told them to wait until we could gather outside again to celebrate.I was in no hurry. My birthday came and I had no expectations.And then the day and week unfolded.Thanks to email, facebook, my phone and good old Canada Post many people sent wishes for my day and the year.I always appreciate people taking the time to write. One of my yoga students created an online slide show, with the help of fellow students, to send me pictures to remind me that we are all connected even though we are apart in our home studios.I loved seeing their lovely studios, reading their kind words and seeing their furry companions that often join them in class. It was so thoughtful. Another group of friends surprised me with a Kudo Board ( It is an online program where people can submit pictures and or written notes and everyone can see what has been contributed. It makes a collage. I seriously want to print my board out.I laughed and cried and felt the love wrapped around me.I will look at these gifts over and over again to remind me of my light!! I think most of us don’t realize how loved we are. Everyone needs a Kudo Board. The biggest surprise came when I opened a link and there was Jann Arden, OMG I LOVE JANN ARDEN, singing a birthday greeting to me.In her hilarious way she talked about why I am so loved, and she sang. My heart was bursting. And to make it even better, she donates the fee she charges to a local animal charity. She was available through an online program at The icing on my cake was a ticket to an online concert with Jann Arden.Sitting in the comfort of our own cottage (screened in porch), with a chorus of peepers around us, and candles lit we watched Jann perform. In her unique and funny way she sent her love and hope out in the world just by being her. What I love about her is that she is so genuinely herself and she knows it is enough.We all love music and feel better when we are singing, playing or listening. It go’s straight to every cell in our being and we all feel more alive.

Within each and everyone is a huge capacity for love, kindness, generosity, compassion, joy, adventure and grace. Thank you to everyone near and far for sharing your love with me. I will pay it forward, every day.

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