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Zen Writing

Updated: Jan 8

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Something I have learned over my 20 years of living in Haliburton is to take advantage of opportunities that become available in Haliburton County.  I spent many years travelling to the Kripalu Centre for Yoga and Health to study yoga as well as going to Toronto, London and other places.  I still do like to travel, but when some one  comes to town I try my best to participate and take advantage of their expertise and perspective!  So, when I heard that the Haliburton Writers and Editors Network is bringing in a published author and workshop leader to do some teaching, I knew that it would be in my best interest to participate.   Especially since he uses tools like meditation and energy work (qigong)  to help all writers access their inner wisdom.

On November 13 (10:00 am - 1pm) Martin Avery, a published author and workshop leader, is coming to the RD Lawrence Place to lead a 3 hour workshop "Creativity Workshop for Writers of Memoirs, Non Fiction and Fiction."  At this hands-on workshop  the imaginative process is taught.  It is for adults who want to rediscover the power of their imaginations. Participants  will investigate ways of breaking through barriers of rational thinking, of unlocking personal images, and letting loose creative thinking.

Participants will use creative writing to explore the possibilities of understanding the world through its images and symbols.   Meditation, visualization exercises, automatic writing, drawing,  and map making may all be used. This workshop is about overcoming creative and writers' blocks. The only pre-requisites to do this workshop is that you must be open to experiment and bring a sense of wonderment and playfulness.  Participants are asked to leave their critical brain at home. Nobody in this workshop will pick apart anyone else's story or poem or drawing or other creative production.  For more information about this workshop you can contact Pat Brown at 286-6448 or email Pat at

Martin will also lead a one hour "Zen Power Hour" workshop at the Blue Sky Yoga Studio.  Every artist has his/ her own way of accessing their creative spirit and voice and Martin uses Zen energy work.  In this workshop, he will offer  elements from Zen meditation, Zen energy exercises (like qigong), walking meditation and will end with a writing exercise that even us beginner writers can do!   

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