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Yoga in Every Corner of Haliburton County

Updated: Jan 8

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gordon Timbers is a handsome young man who grew up in Haliburton and is the son of Stu and Heather Timbers.  Currently he is an Associate Golf Professional and works as a manager of  The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Golf Club.  Gordon called me because he was home for Christmas and is trying to learn more about yoga to help him with some injuries he is working with from a car accident that he had a few years ago.  He regularly sees a physiotherapist and gets massages, but wants to add yoga in as another tool for pain management,  and he also sees other golf professionals using yoga to maintain their overall flexibility, strength and balance.  It was fun to work with Gordon because he is an athlete who needs his entire body to work well in order to do his sport, and because he is an athlete he is used to getting very precise instructions on where/ how to place his body (hand here, foot here etc.) and can respond.  Gordon and I had a class, and a great conversation about the benefits of yoga for people of all ages and abilities, the many types of yoga that exist today and how to find the best instructor for you.   

Gordon  was amazed to learn that there are yoga teachers in every corner of Haliburton County.  There is a teacher, a style and a location for everyone.   Gail Holness has her own home studio in Donald, and teaches classes in Minden and in Kinmount.  Gail is very inituitive in the way that she teaches, and uses great music to accompany her classes.  Her website is or you can call her at 705-455-9294.   Heather Manusco moved to Haliburton a couple of years ago and teaches a Vinyasa style of yoga.  She currently has classes at the West Guilford Community Centre, Kennisis Lake, Haliburton Dance Arts and she also does classes for the students at Sir Sandford Fleming College.  Her website is or you can call her at 705-935-1604.   Nesta Falladown is new to our  county, but not new to yoga.  She is an Iyenger Yoga teacher who started and ran a yoga studio in Burlington for many years, and has moved to Wilberforce and created  a lovely studio in her own home.  She teaches in the Iyenger style, and  also specializes in Therapeutic and Restorative Yoga.  Her website is or you can call her at 705-448-1597.   Yoga is available in Dorset with  Ingrid Bittner and she can be reached at  705- 783-1619.  And of course I have a series of yoga and qigong classes happening at the Blue Sky Yoga Studio in downtown Haliburton and my website is  <   It is great news that there are so many possibilities for classes, workshops, retreats, customized programs and different styles of yoga in Haliburton County. It all supports us in healthy living.  I wish everyone who reads the Echo a healthy and happy New Year.   

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