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Updated: Jan 8

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Every once a while you get to be a part of something really special that you will remember for a long time.  In the Canadian movie Weirdos, set in Nova Scotia in 1976, the lead character Kit, touches his 2 fingers to his forehead as a ritual to signify he wants to remember that moment.  Weirdos played on Saturday night of the 10th annual Haliburton Film Festival this past weekend. It is an “offbeat coming of age comedy drama about 2 Nova Scotia teens who hit the road with the laconic ghost of still living Andy Warhole.”  The music track is really great and the scenery of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton is stunning.  Without giving away any of the plot it is a movie that is a little off beat, about friendship and about going on an adventure to find yourself and learn about yourself.  The lead character Kit, is played by Dylan Authors, who was in the audience on Saturday night with about 10 or 12 of his buddies.  Dylan is 20 years old, lives in Toronto, go’s to school at Ryerson and has a cottage on Moose Lake in the beautiful Haliburton Highlands.  At the end of the very heart felt movie Dylan moved onto the stage to answer questions and he was greeted by a long, very appreciative standing ovation with the entire audience having 2 fingers pressed into their foreheads.  The sold out audience gave Dylan a moment that he and his friends will remember for a long time I think.  Dylan was humbled by the applause and then went on to graciously answer many questions about the movie and his life.   Dylan has been an actor for 10 years and is known for Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (2007), Flash of Genius (2008) and The Husband (2013).  Dylan talked about how much he loves acting and also plans to direct movies in the future.  “Those Other Movies” have been happening in Haliburton for 11 years, thanks to many volunteers, sponsors and the support of TIFF, and our audiences have been educated how strong the Canadian movie making industry is.  We are so fortunate in this community to see this Canadian content.  Friday evenings’ movie, The River, is a thriller that you have to see. It was written and directed by Canadian writer and director Jamie Dagg who also attended the movie on Friday night to answer our  questions.  River is about a volunteer American doctor who is working in the south of Laos and he becomes a fugitive after he intervenes in the sexual assault of a young Laos woman.  It is so interesting to listen to  these people and hear their stories of their work.  Huge thanks again  to the organizers and sponsors of HIFF.  The entire library of movies from the 11 years of these movies is available in our amazing library system.  More   reasons to love living here.  And what better way to spend some quiet November evenings, but with a good movie.

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