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There is Magic in the Forest

Tuesday, June 27, 2016

Behind Stuart Baker School there lies a forest with a trail.  Like any other forest in Haliburton County it has trees and rocks and plants and animals and birds and bugs.  There is no one thing that is so remarkable

that it  stands out or captures a child’s attention, until Jim Hopkins leads you on a hike.

Mr. Hopkins is retiring from Stuart Baker this year after leading hundreds of children through hikes on this very trail.  The students would learn

about Elephant Rock, Stepping Stone Hill, Woodpecker Tree 1, 2 and 3.

They would learn about the region’s history with stories about Ice Age Rock and the Ancient Forest and the former site of the Sugar Shack.  Every

hike would bring a new story, and every story would bring new magic to the forest.  The magic will live on after Mr. Hopkins retires with signs

marking these special spots.

On his final walk through the forest as a teacher, on the last day of school, Mr. Hopkins was greeted at some of the magical spots by former students with signs to mark them. Now the stories can continue for

generations and every student that graduates from Stuart Baker will know the enchanting tales of Hopkins Trail.

By: Mike Gervais

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