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The Pink Beans

Updated: Jan 9

Tuesday July 18, 2023

Tuesday’s are the best in our house.It’s market day and we always go, my mom and I.We both love the market, even in the rain.We have an early dinner and do the Wordle. We do it as a team - my parents, Jim and I.We’re pretty good at it, I must say. And then we get ourselves set up for Canoe FM radio bingo.My friend bought us sheets in December and we’ve been playing ever since.I have to admit I have never played before but now it is a tradition at our place.We laugh when they read out the names of the teams. People are just so funny.We are the Pink Beans, named after a favourite family recipe .Pink Beans is a side dish my mom always makes to go with ribs.It is made of a can of brown beans, some pickled beets, some chopped up pickles and a bit of mayonnaise.I have never seen the recipe written anywhere. It is passed on by the oral tradition and we all think my mom invented it. My friend and her mother are called Chips and Wine due to their love of them! We’ve heard teams being announced who are playing from Toronto, Vancouver, Florida, Cuba and England. Kids and grandparents play together.Some teams have bingo dinner parties and gather at homes and in various locations throughout the county.

Every week, we have our phone set up to call in if we win.So far we haven't needed it but one of these days we will! We know it.The volunteers at Canoe FM play fun music during the game and every week we make a video and send it to my sister who lives in Vancouver, and who joins us to play when she visits. We also send a video to our daughter in Kingston and she also loves to play when she visits. It is such a fun time and it is amazing how we feel connected to the Canoe volunteers and the other teams as we play.We groan when the phone rings in the background of the bingo caller, and we know we haven’t won, and we always cheer for the winners. Even when it isn't us.

Since we’ve started playing we’ve learned that Canoe FM donates a lot of money from the game into our county.It only costs $6.00 to play and so much goodness goes out into our community. It is a win win win.If you want to join in for this Tuesday evening fun check out can buy sheets at many locations across the county and they are listed on the website. On a regular week you can win $100 for one line, $200 for two lines and $500 for a full card. And on triple bingo nights you can win triple the amount.This is another example of goodness in action in our county!The Pink Beans thank you! And when that night comes and we do win, just know we will be dancing and cheering at the top of our lungs!!!!

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