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The Lynda Shadbolt Report

Updated: Jan 9

Thursday, March 31, 2011

My family and I watch the Rick Mercer Report faithfully every Tuesday.  We always look forward to  it.  My husband was even lucky enough to go and watch a live taping a few years ago.  He was part of a birthday party adventure to Toronto and watched when Rick went to Algonquin Park and helped tag some little bear cubs.  Rick is a very smart and funny man who has created a very unique job for himself.  I love that he finds good stories across the country and tells them.  And I love how he tries everything - on National TV.  He let's himself be a beginner over and over again in front of millions of people.  He is inspiring.   I've been thinking recently that I would love a job like his, except to report on special events and functions in Haliburton - to give the inside scoop on so many good things that are happening  up here.  For my first show I would include the following two events:  The Gala Ball for the Residents of Highland Woods in Minden, and the 3rd annual Winter Folk Camp.  The Annual Gala Ball at the Highland Crest that happened on Friday February 25 is an annual event that the staff of

Highland Crest  put on for all the long term Residents.  The staff at Highland Crest  work so hard for many days to make the event really special for the Residents and  their  guests (each Resident gets to take one guest). The room where the event is held is decorated and according to my sources - was stunning.   Every Resident gets his or hair done for the event and all of the women get sparkles for their hair (Dani Smolen from Tutu Café donated some of the hair product).  Everyone gets to feel special and loved and beautiful!   I would do a report on this event because so much love and attention go's into the details making it special and I'm sure I would get lots of great pictures and stories.  It would be a story about how everyone needs to feel special and loved on a regular basis.  We all need to shine and sparkle.  

I would also do a report on the 3rd annual Winter Folk Camp that is happening this weekend at  YMCA Camp Wanakita.  I'm participating as the yoga instructor, but more importantly I am a student in the singing workshops with Georgette Fry (  Georgette has a unique teaching style - she doesn't require people to read music, instead the focus is on singing from the heart and soul and not from paper. I can do this I think!  Winter Folk Camp  is a very unique festival  because it is residential (day passes also available) where people come from all over Ontario to participate in a weekend of workshops on songwriting, singing, guitar playing, fiddle playing etc.  Performing artists who are well known musicians are hired, and live in residence on the weekend,  to lead the workshops and then they perform on the Saturday and Sunday evening concerts.

These leaders also hang out with participants during free time and late into the evening as they all jam together.   It is a very uplifting experience. It would be fun to film the weekend and capture so many magical moments such as  the spontaneous singing circles, the skiing, the snowshoeing, the evening concerts, the workshops, the connecting that happens during meals, the "campers concert"  on Monday, the yoga and of course the participants having fun and being at camp.  I'm sure I would make a great report with amazing background music.  Haliburton County is a music filled part of the world and we are lucky!

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