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The Little Yellow Ukulele that Could

Updated: Jan 9

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I am constantly in awe of the music that is in this community.  There is

something for everyone.  We have  a  men's choir, women's choirs, a

community choir, a children's community choir, church choirs and choirs in

the schools.  There are wonderful teachers of piano, flute, guitar,

bagpipes, drums, strings, wind instruments, country, jazz, classical, opera,

blues  and rock music (and more, I know I'm not getting them all).  There is

every kind of band imaginable that one could join.    There is the  annual

music festival that happens in April, the upcoming school musical at JDH,

evening concerts in the summer at the Haliburton Forest and of course the

Highlands Summer Festival.  There is the folk society and the many concerts they offer.  This weekend is the annual Winter Folk Camp at YMCA Camp Wanakita where there will be song writing, advanced guitar playing, a choir, ukulele lessons and more.     There are all the musical people who volunteer their time at Canoe Fm to create music shows with themes like Rock and Roll, Big Band, Blues and more.  I have always been so inspired of all the people who contribute all this music  to the community.   It is so enriching for all of us.  When my friends and I have dinner parties, we often sing (several play instruments)  and it is a fun way to hang out.  Every once in a while when I get a little down on myself about not being able to play something, my daughter always reminds me "now don't forget about the egg Mom, you play it really well".   She is so kind (she who plays the piano). I do love the egg and it is a great instrument for me because I can dance while playing it.    But in the last little while I've been  wanting to

stretch my musical abilities and so on a whim I signed up for the Ukulele

Stream at the upcoming Winter Folk Camp.  I did take it in grade 4 and so

I'm hoping that will help out when I get there this weekend.  I've been

excited and nervous as the weekend approaches.  You can't imagine my delight and surprise when I came home one evening last week, and my friends had left a  little gift on my kitchen table for me - a beautiful, little, funky yellow ukulele.  It is just so perfect.   I'll look good, if nothing else at

the weekend.  Since getting it I just can't put it down.  I've learned 3

chords and I'm thinking I'm going places.  I told my daughter she has to

take the day off school and come to the campers' concert (where all the folk

camp participants do a show for each other).  I'll be on the stage in the

Ukulele Band and I want a fan.  I've attended so many of her performances

over the years and so now it is her turn.   Who knows - maybe there is

Ukulele and Piano duet in the future.   For more information about Winter

Folk Camp check out

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