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Thursday, October 20, 2011

We all have so many things to be thankful for.   I would like to dedicate this article to my Wednesday morning Qigong class and thank them.  They are a wonderful group of women with big, sweet hearts.   They support me,  and each other in ways they may not ever fully understand.  Many of you will know Daniela Pagliaro.  She has been living and working in Haliburton for 10 years.   She has been very involved in the arts (teaching dance privately and through the artist in the schools program, helping to bring Dusk Dances to Haliburton,  working at the Rails End Gallery and Minden Hills Cultural Centre, and participating in many other artsy and non artsy events).

Daniela was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2011 and has been going through chemotherapy, and is starting radiation this fall.  Daniela joined our qigong class this summer.   As the instructor of the class, I felt  an overwhelming desire to want to provide the right experience,  the right moves, the best music etc. to support Daniela in her journey.  I'm like everyone out there who wants to be as helpful as possible and doubts that what I am doing is enough.   Of course what I am doing is enough, but a couple of weeks ago Daniela was late to class and the qigong women wondered where she was, how she was and requested that we dedicate the class to her. I then told the women that I had been learning a new qigong series that I thought  Daniela would get a lot out of.   I'm always nervous trying new things, and these moves are different that what I normally do.  The qigong women were supportive of anything that I thought would be beneficial for Daniela.  So, we started the new  series and it is a beautiful series of moves.  Everyone is so quiet, graceful, light and respectful.  Daniela looks like a butterfly as she moves.  I feel like it is a very healing experience not only for Daniela but for all the women in the class.  It has been able to become this kind of experience because of the openness of Daniela, and the women.  Their   willingness to try to something new and to support and be supported is such a gift to everyone in the class.   I learn over and over again that the group takes care of itself and supports itself, including me, in so many ways.  Thank you to each  of you.

This is my final article for the Weekender.  I'm moving into the Echo every other week starting at the end of October.  I am so thankful to everyone who has called, emailed, stopped me in the street or sent me a card to tell me that they enjoyed an article I had written.  I appreciate the support and the encouragement.   I look forward to a new writing adventure.  I never ever imagined I would be doing something like this.  Thank you.  Lynda

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