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Strands of support

Tuesday August 29, 2023

We all have the potential to send strands of goodness, positive energy and support out into the world. Every act of kindness, generosity and love sends ripples to the collective . A kind word, a smile, volunteering to help someone or a cause, donating to help a situation or person, holding the door open for someone or giving up the parking spot to the person who pulled in at the same time as you. The list can go on forever. These strands of light and love and goodness hold us all. They connect us to each other and we rely on them to get us through our days. They give us hope.

52,558 strands are currently floating around us in this county. These strands are made up of 19 teams that include 57 participants who are moving to raise awareness and money for the Abbey Retreat Centre (ARC). Every team is unique in what they are doing. People are lifting weights, hiking, biking, seeking beauty, paddling, doing yoga, swimming, walking their dog and some have been known to dance in their kitchen and at the dump. There are 19 generous sponsors who have stepped up to support the event. Further, there are an incredible 339 people who have donated to our challenge so far. We are a generous county! So far we have raised $52,124.00. When you add all these numbers together you get 52,558 strands of commitment floating around us.

I am on a team called After Coffee and Tea and what I love about this event is that every team is doing something unique. Every person in contributing in their own way. It is really fun to read the bios of the teams on the Haliburton Highlands Challenge website. People who have had cancer are participating. Some are moving in honour of someone they have lost. People are participating from across Canada. Our goal for the fundraiser is $80,000 and we are going to make it! More are more strands are added daily. And then the real celebration begins when we add the participants who will get to go to ARC with their caregiver because of the money we have raised. Their strands are extra super strong because we all know how grateful a person is when they are sick, and get to be looked after. Get to be loved. Get to be cherished. Get to be in the beauty of the Haliburton Highlands.

I am so thankful that I have had not had cancer, but I have lost a father in law and sister law and in this past year a dear friend who I loved. We all know people living with cancer and our love helps in every way that we can give it. If you want to read more about the HHC and ARC check out I bet you will know someone who is on a team, or some one who has donated! I really don’t like asking people for money, but I am asking you to consider donating a strand or 20. Every single strand helps us. Thank you.

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