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Snoot and Itch

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I spend my mornings with 2 very funny characters named Snoot and Itch. Snoot is my daughter Madeline, and Itch is a wonderful little girl that I babysit every morning.  They are both in the upcoming JDHES performance of Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen.  In yoga we often talk about "raising our energy" or "increasing our kundalini" (which is another word for energy). These two girls are pure energy or pure kundalini.  I'd like to bottle some of it and save it for days when my energy is low.    They get excited about many things,  and this play is one of them.  They and over 30 other students from JDHES have been working with several teachers since December to get ready for the play.  They practice two nights a week after school, they are helping to make their costumes, many of the kids and their parents have been helping out on weekends to build the stage sets and props.  It truly is a community event.  I love helping out because the kids are just so enthusiastic about it.  It is great to just put myself into their energy and just suck it up while I glue and staple and paint and try to be helpful.   I have so much respect for the  teachers and their willingness to work with all these talented and very energetic kids and help them shine on the stage in Haliburton.  There are just so many ways that a kid can be successful in this community.  Thank goodness for the people who had the foresight to build the theatre.  So much happens because it is here.

Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen is a comedy that will get the audience laughing. " It is about a Gentleman named  Roger Goodman who has every intention of living his life in a conventional way once he marries the wealthy Sarah Huffington...  that is, until he overhears her telling her girlfriends how boring he is!  The man Sarah really wants to marry is a dashing, daring pirate!  Willing to walk the plank for love, Roger immediately buys a ship, recruits a crew and even hires a pirate tutor, Long John Sliver, to show him the ropes!  Sliver toughens him up and bequeaths him a new, menacing name-Captain Blood, as well as an intimidating ship name and flag to match.  In return, Roger must sail him to Treasure Island to pick up eight chests of gold dabloons".  As the story unfolds it just becomes funnier and funnier with several twists!  It is a great play.  

Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen will take place on Wednesday May 4 and Thursday May 5 at the Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion.  Show time is 7:00 pm.   Tickets are $5 (general seating) and can be purchased from the lovely staff  who work at the front desk of JDHES.

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