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Simple Gifts

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving.    It is about being able tostep  into the flow of being able to give generously in our own unique way, and equally opening to receive.   My husband has said to me hundreds of times in our marriage that "every day is Christmas" and we give and receive gifts every day.  Although I tease him and joke about getting big beautiful gifts at Christmas, I know that the best gifts that we get and give are always the simple ones - and often the ones that involve doing special things together and for each other.   It comes down to paying attention and noticing the little things that make a big difference.  The Rotary Exchange Student, Steffy,  moved in with us last weekend and already our family recognizes that she is our gift this Christmas.  She has brought so much laughter, quiet joy, education about the world, curiosity, delight and refreshing new energy into our home.  Madeline will remember this Christmas because of Steffy, not because of the  new Pet Shop or DS game that she will get.

There are so many wonderful Christmas activities that people can do in this county  to create experiences and stories that will last for a long time. I am helping to organize a fundraiser for the Haliburton County Food for Kids Snack and Breakfast programs with  Suzanne Haedicke, Kathy Carey and Katie Hammerschmidt.   We are inviting everyone to come and enjoy an evening of good music, door prizes, yummy treats (from 212 Fine Foods and the Bonnieview Inn), great company and a chance to try out some of the classes that we teach (you don't have to do all or any of them - you can just come and talk to us or watch).  This Fitness Festival is being called "Kicking Zumpiloga"  and everyone who wants to learn more about Zumba, Kickboxing, Pilates, Qigong or Yoga is welcome to come.      No experience is necessary and there is no pressure to do anything except enjoy being together in the Christmas spirit.    The cost for the evening is $20 which will be given as a donation to the Haliburton County Food for Kids.  The party will take place on Wednesday December 22 from 5:00 - 7:00 ish at the Dysart Community Centre (above the rink).  People are welcome to drop in for any part of the evening (Zumba will start at about 5:30, followed by Kickboxing, Pilates and then Qigong and Yoga).  If you are definitely coming we would appreciate an RVSP to help us with numbers for planning the  snacks.  You can RSVP with me.  People are welcome to drop in also.  We recommend that you bring some water to drink, running shoes if you plan on trying the zumba and a yoga mat/ towel if you plan on trying the yoga (some mats will be available).

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