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Senor CC Ramos

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yoga is a practice that teaches and encourages self inquiry and self refection as a way of living.  Yogi's have always understood that we human beings can develop habits,  ways of thinking and attitudes that are not true or useful and can end up limiting our lives.  Our minds can give up before we even begin a new experience.    I learn this lesson over and over again.

A couple of weeks ago (after Maggie the cat came to yoga, and our exchange student was moving out, and Madeline got a good report)  I had a weak moment and agreed to let my daughter go look at the kittens at the Feed Company.

She has been lobbying for a cat for 4 years, and I have been saying no for 4 years.  My mantra for my entire life has been "I'm not a cat person,  I think dogs are the perfect pet, cats are aloof and dogs are loyal etc. etc. etc."  I think my mom taught me about cats.  So, off we go to the pet store and of course there is a cute little kitten that reaches out to Madeline and grabs her sweater and the love is instant and I let her get the kitty.  We buy a little pink collar for her and off we go.   Not only do I think I don't like cats, but I also insist we get a girl because in my world view female animals are easier than males.  So, we head home and I spend the next

5 days getting to know Cici- Steffy and realizing that kittens can be a lot of fun.  My dog is amazing with her and all is good.  On the 5th day I take to her to the vet to get her shots and check up and Dr. Grant informs me that I have a healthy little boy kitty.  EEEEK.   By this time I have fallen in love with him (he is so affectionate, playful  and snuggles all the time) and I again realize that I don't really know everything there is to know about cats or pets.  But I am learning, and my daughter's heart and mine are invested in Senor Cici-Ramos  now and so I am committed to him.

In my 12 years of teaching yoga in this community I've had all kinds of comments said to me like "I don't agree with yoga because you worship the sun", or "I would come to yoga but I don't want to meditate and connect with the devil", or "Yoga is a religion."   None of these statements are true, but every person has to learn for themselves - just as I had to learn about cats.   We are all never too old to try something new or learn something new... whether it is about yoga or some other aspect of your life.   You just never know what goodness will come into your life from being open to a new possibility.

Senor Cici (Cool Cat) Ramos is sitting on Lynda Shadbolt's lap as she writes this newsletter.  Who knew a kitty would purrrrr so loudly??  

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