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Pumpkin Stories

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My good friend Jim Blake says that we are all storytellers.  We all have stories to tell and some of the greatest stories are about our everyday lives.  My daughter loves to be told stories about when she was little,  or about my life growing up.  It is a great way to connect.  Every year around this time pumpkins inspire many stories and conversations in our home.  One of  my daughter's stories that she loves to tell is about The Great Pumpkin (GP) who has been dropping off treats every year for her since she was born. She has been the happy recipient of pumpkin cookies, pumpkin ice cream (I think the Great Pumpkin reads the LCBO Food and Drink magazine), pumpkin chocolates, pumpkin beer (left for her dad, not for her),  pumpkin decorations as well as some beautifully carved pumpkins that have been masterpieces as far she is concerned.  The GP always leaves a homemade card and does something different every year.   One year the  GP didn't come on Halloween, but made a visit on Nov 1 and left a note explaining how s/he fell asleep in the patch.   My husband loves to tell the story about the year his older brother grew pie pumpkins in his garden and made all the pies for the family Thanksgiving dinner.  He put them outside to cool and half an hour later our dog came to the door and we wondered what was all over her nose - it was the filing from the warm pumpkin pies.  She had eaten the centre out of all of our desserts.  Luckily everyone had  a good sense of humour and was able to let it go and still enjoy the Thanksgiving Dinner, and all these years later the story gets told again and again.  One of my pumpkin stories is about the time when I was in New Zealand and did a full day of underground  caving at the  Waitomo Caves to see the Glowworms that the area is famous for.  After a full day of riding on tubes  down an underground river we ended up at a small cabin where we sat by a campfire and were served hot pumpkin soup.   Every time I eat pumpkin soup I'm reminded of that adventure.  This year our pumpkin story is about going to a farm to pick a pumpkin for my parents.  Madeline spent so much time in the pumpkin patch looking at the pumpkins checking for the right weight and size and we had some great conversations about how every pumpkin is unique and beautiful. Every pumpkin is a piece of art.  No two pumpkins are ever the same - just as no two people are ever the same and no two pieces of art are ever identical.  I guess we can learn from pumpkins too.

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