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Opposite Lydia

Thursday, June 30, 2011

My friends and I often have conversations about the idea of "being

uncomfortable" and teaching that skill to our kids.  Throughout our lives we

are all going to be faced with situations (physically, mentally,

emotionally, spiritually, socially etc.)  which are uncomfortable and there

are times when you just have to persevere so that you  can  grow and expand

and learn - and even have fun!    I was inspired by an older gentleman who

came to qigong this week to try it for the first time and at the end he said

to me "it was hard, the first time is always uncomfortable, I was a lost a

few times, I couldn't do it all, but it will get easier... I'll be back."

He inspired me because he came and tried even thought he knew it would be

uncomfortable for him.   I'm about to embark on an adventure that was easy

for me to do 20 years ago, but now has me fretting and worrying and feeling

more doubtful than excited about going. I'm going with a group of friends to

go out dancing in Toronto.  We're going to see Fitz and the Tantrums and I

know it will be a lot of fun, but my brain is  concerned about what I'll

wear (how shallow is that, but I basically live in yoga clothes and only own

Birkenstocks and running shoes).  I know how dressed up the people will be

and I don't want to feel frumpy.  And my brain  somehow thinks I'm too old

to go out and do this (can I still dance?, can I be part of a big social

event in Toronto?)  and that is just such a silly, limiting thought!  If I

let my brain lead my life, I'd stay home and never do anything.  Years ago,

I watched a Seinfeld episode called Opposite George. It was a very funny

story about how George comes to the conclusion that every decision he has

ever made in his life was wrong, so he decides to start doing the opposite

of what he thinks. As the show unfolds he gets a date with a beautiful

woman, stands up to some bully's in a movie theatre and everyone applauds,

he gets his dream job etc.  I think Opposite George philosophy is a good one

for me to follow.   Opposite Lydia (that's one of my nicknames)  is excited

to go to Toronto and will enjoy eating at a fantastic restaurant for dinner,

will wear her funky new skirt that her sister sent her from Vancouver (yes,

the Birks are fine with it) and will enjoy an evening of great music and

dancing, and most of all will enjoy the time with her friends that she is

going with.  She'll wake up in the morning and enjoy a lovely breakfast at

some funky Queen Street Café with her friends, and will return home with

lots of fun stories for her daughter and husband.

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