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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

As you sit to read this article it is likely day 6 or 7 or 8 of our “stay at home” provincial strategy to help curb the spread of COVID 19. As you know, my intention is to hear from you about the ways that are you coping and the good news stories that you have to share about your life and what you are learning during this unique time in history. This weeks story comes from JoAnn Sloan who, while cleaning her house during COVID, stumbled across an old tupperware container that was at least 50 years old. She discovered a collection of her parents home movies. As she dug through the reels, she remembered many Saturday evenings gathering in the living room for movie nights with her cousins. There was always lots of laughter as her dad attempted to thread the film through the projector (I think we can all remember that!). The screen was a white bed sheet and everyone enjoyed watching themselves in the movies. JoAnn put the box of films aside and continued on cleaning and living within the requirements of COVID. Several months passed by and she found she couldn’t stop thinking about the tupperware container and the movies so she decided to go on a search to find an old projector to watch them. After lots of searching, she found one at our favourite place to go, the Thrift Warehouse. She took the projector home and after lots of tinkering and adjusting she got it to work and was able to watch all of her old home movies.

“There they were; pictures of my brother and I, my Mom and Dad, and our old dog Joe. There were films of our camping adventures, film of skating on the homemade rink in our backyard; a trip to California visiting cousins; trips to Disneyland, the Santa Monica pier and a trip across the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. There was footage of my Dad marching in parades at the volunteer firefighters' conventions and footage of various weddings, some that I did not recognize.

There were pictures of my brother and I dressed up in clown outfits dancing around doing somersaults and handstands on the front lawn; pictures of our summer days at the cottage, swimming and our several attempts at water skiing. Some films showed Dad and his days at the hunt camp.

These were all classics and grand memories of my childhood. And surprisingly, they were all still well preserved. I was happy that I spent the time to do this, to find a projector and view all the memories of days gone by. I was reminded of the simplicity of our lives. It reminded me of the pleasures we felt in the smallest of things.

Watching the movies reminded me to slow down. Life is not a race. Take time to enjoy life; take deep breaths and enjoy the moments. Life is just like a movie- there is a beginning, a story line, and a final conclusion. So through all of these pandemic days , I have realized that I want to remember to enjoy each day that life has to offer and keep adding more wonderful memories into my reel of life. “

Thanks so much to JoAnn for sharing your story and reminding us to take time and continue to build memories. If you have a story to share you can email me at Stay strong everyone!

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