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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

I am all about the light these days. Noticing light everywhere and contemplating it’s effect on my overall state of being. On the winter solstice, Dec 21, we had 8 hours 51 seconds of daylight. On Tuesday of this week, we will have 9 hours 57seconds of daylight. By the summer solstice on June 22 we will have 15 hours 22 seconds of daylight! The light is increasing even day and it makes me smile and even skip on occasion! We walk our dog every day as sunset approaches and our walks are getting later. This past week the light from the full moon shone brightly for several nights. Whether you watched it from your living room window or while out on a walk, ski or snowshoe it filled the sky. The moon was stunning. It inspired so many beautiful photographs that popped up all over social media. The moon and it’s light as art! I already have the next full “snow” moon marked on my calendar so I can be sure to pay attention to it. It happens on Saturday February 27. Then there has been the light from the sun and the amazing blue skies that have occurred recently. I know I feel better just having the light shine into my house or around me as I go for a walk or ski. I drove past a village of ice fishing people the other day and thought how much they would be loving the sun as they patiently fished. I am always grateful for the sun - for it’s warmth, it’s light, it’s inspiration. Thank you sunlight!

And then there is light from all of our outdoor (and indoor) fires. I am pretty sure we are all having more outdoor campfires these days. They allow us to gather in small groups outside and stay connected. So many outdoor living rooms have been inspired by the campfire! And finally there are cozy dinners by candle light. Whether you are alone or with your family, a candle is always good company. Quiet and bright. All this natural light reminds us that we are each filled with light. We are surrounded by light and full of light. Rumi says “Don’t you know that it is your light that lights the world”.

In the practices of yoga and qigong one of the things we focus on is paying attention to the “space” we create inside of ourselves as we move. When we lift our arms up over our head we create more space for our spine in our body. When we do a gentle or more advanced backbend we make more space in our bodies for our heart and lungs. The ancients would also say that when we move we also make more space for light to enter the body. We can intentionally lighten up! It not only helps you, but the people around you feel your light. So on those days, and we all have them, when we are feeling heavy or sad I hope you can find some light around you in nature and maybe do a little gentle movement to invite the light into the light of your soul. You can move sitting in a chair, standing by your window or outside on a walk. It all help! All of our light make a difference!

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