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Joy to your World

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Perhaps the greatest gift we give to our children, to our family, to our friends and to our community  at Christmas and all year long is the gift of time.  I was doing  my  yoga practice  on my living room floor this week and was lying on my back and looking up at our Christmas tree.  It is so beautiful and filled with so many special decorations.  They each have a story.   There is small paper plate with colourful paper glued onto it, and topped off with lots of glitter.  I can remember Madeline and I sitting in CHACE making that decoration when she was 3 years old.  I can see it all. I was sitting in a chair  that was  designed for 3 a year old -  my knees were up to my ears.  There was a bunch of us doing this decoration as we talked and laughed and shared Christmas treats. .  I remember Madeline bringing it home and hanging it so proudly that year on the tree.  Every year when it comes out we talk about CHACE and about that time in our lives.    Another decoration that is always our centerpiece on the tree was from a shopping mall adventure when Madeline was 4.  I told her she could pick out 1 special decoration for the tree that year, and she took all day.  She chose the decoration quickly, but there were 5 options of ribbon colour  and she thought and thought and thought about which one was the right one.  We spent all day in a mall… going back to the store while she anguished over the choice.  Every year when she hangs that decoration I am transported back to that time  and I laugh. .  This past weekend I was involved in the 9th Heritage Ballet Nutcracker.  So many people work to make this beautiful production happen in our community.  Parents and non-parents volunteering their time to allow these 64 children to have a magical Christmas experience.  I was so impressed by one of the dad’s who  googled  “bun making”  and learned how to make his daughter’s  bun for the Friday show.  It is a little thing, but made a big difference to that dancer.  He took the time to make sure she looked beautiful was ready.    I  have friends who support their  kids in their activities such as  hockey, music lessons, skiing, etc. It  all takes time to support kids in their activities.  When these  kids are adults and out in the world they are going to remember the people who took the time to do the little things and the big things with them.  Christmas vacation is a great time to do things with people you care about.   Perhaps time is the way to bring  more  joy into your world this Christmas.  Merry Christmas  everyone.

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