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Updated: Jan 9

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The yogi’s have always been curious about what inspires human beings to constantly be learning,  evolving and  living in a way that is authentic and true to their own values and beliefs.   We each have our own “core truths” about what we believe and those truths guide our lives and inform our decisions and actions on a daily basis.   Something keeps compelling us to learn, contribute and stay dedicated to the things that are important to our well being.    I recently participated in a meditation about awakening my motivation, inspiration, Illumination and self esteem.  It was a powerful meditation that sets the stage for  personal growth and transformation.  In the meditation we were  asked to consider the idea  that  the power of transformation is within us.  We all have the ability to  transform our fears, doubt and insecurities into something more powerful and useful.   We are each our own “fire of transformation.”   In the meditation we focused on the belly area of the body which is referred to as “the core” in our fitness oriented society.  A strong belly,  or core is essential for cultivating overall strength and power and dedication.  Perhaps all those planks that people are doing in yoga or pilates are having bigger effects than just a strong physical body.  Could they be  encouraging transformation on a much deeper level?   As we get stronger and “full of fire”  and dedication in the belly, does that help us move forward in our lives? 

Since doing this meditation I’ve been observing people around me who I see being dedicated and “full of fire” about something.  I’ve lived in the village of Haliburton for almost 25 years, and for most of those years  I have watched Elva Heard walk in town every day.  Years ago she had 2 dogs for company, then she had  1 dog and now she walks on her own.  I watch her many days picking up garbage as she walks the path along Head Lake.  She is in her 90’s.  She has no idea how she has inspired me (and many others) for years.  My daughter and her friend comment on her every time we pass her on way to or from school.   Elva is a dedicated walker, and obviously a dedicated environmentalist.  She cares deeply about our little town and takes the time to take care of it in a way that she can.   And she does it every day or most days.  Something inspires and compels her to get off her couch and out the door and onto the path.  And she is healthier because of it ,the town is cleaner and people are inspired.  We all have a responsibility to be inspiring (and to be inspired). We all need to cultivate and maintain our own motivation and dedication to things that are important to us.  I wonder what the world would be like if everyone got outside and went for a  walk every day.  Would that have an influence on our health care system?  Would it impact the amount of litter that gets thrown on the ground?   Have a great day and go out and inspire someone!

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