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Happy Father's Day

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"It is only by chi that planets move, the sun shines, the wind blows, and human being live and breath."  Chi (or qi) is explained in Chinese medicine as a dynamic energy system that is unseen, but is the source of all manifestation.  Practices like acupuncture, shiatsu, qigong  and yoga are based on this energy system.  Chi is considered to be the vital force in all life and a healthy person has an abundance of chi that is flowing, and when a person dies, the chi leaves their body.  One idea that is proposed in Chinese medicine is that as chi condenses into the physical realm it splits into two complementary polarities called yin and yang.  You might be familiar with the famous black and white circle that represents this duality (black side represents yin and white represents yang).  The black represents yin qualities and refers to elements that are harder, darker to see or more deeply hidden.  The white yang represents the brighter more obvious aspect of the energy.  The yin is like the shady side of the mountain, and the yang is like the sunny.   These two energies (yin and yang) are of the same essence (both chi) but reflect different qualities that are ultimately inseparable.   Yin and Yang can be understood as the positive and negative poles of existence that are intrinsic to all creation.  The line  between the 2 colours in the yin/ yang symbol is an S shape which represents that these two energies intertwine - like 2 rivers that meet and always change and become into each other.  In addition  there is always a black dot in the white half, and a white dot in the black half.   This  symbolizes that one is never without the other.  

As Father's Day approaches I've been thinking a lot about the job of Father's (and Mother's) and how each play such an important role in the life of their child(ren).   In many ways it is like the yin and yang... both parents bring a  lovely  and unique blend of skills, energy  and interests to contribute to the raising of their kids.  I remember when Madeline was really little and a good friend said to me "you both don't have to do everything with her....just do what you each love to do and you will each build a strong relationship with her, individually and as a family." My husband loves  to cook,  garden, fish, read, camp,  go shopping, watch movies  and socialize!  He has been doing these things with Madeline  since she was born .    I contribute different things (and share some of the above)  with her and so she gets a well rounded set of experiences and a great life.  Every parent has so many gifts to share with their child.    

Happy Father's Day.

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