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Guard Kitty on Duty!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My family adopted a lovely little kitty last February - Senor Cici Ramos.

Our "little man cat" is a very funny kitty with  his own personality and

habits.  I could write a book about him.  He loves our dog Bella and thinks

he is a dog.  He follows Bella around everywhere, they sleep together, they

both greet me when I walk in the door, they eat together and roll around and

play often.  Cici is a cat of "habit" and so when my daughter  turns off her

light to go to bed at night, he thinks it is bed time for all of us and he

proceeds to meow until all the lights in the house are out.  Then he curls

up beside Bella and go's to sleep.  In the morning at 5:00 am (sometimes 4

or 3 in the summer) he decides that it is time to get up and wants everyone

with him.  He meows and runs around and isn't just satisfied to get food in

his bowl,  but meows until there is food in Bella's bowl.  Luckily, this

habit is slowly changing and he is currently on the 5:30 am  wakeup routine

which is good for all us.  We had to do a little "Ferber" technique with him

to get him to sleep through the night.  

My current favourite story is of Constable Cici Ramos - guard kitty on duty.  My husband, Jim, has been growing beautiful gardens at our house since we moved in 22 years ago.  He grows beautiful vegetables and together we do planters and flowers.  Every year (and I'm sure it has been every year) Jim has been dedicated to planting sunflowers.  Many years ago we were successful and we would get 1 or 2 plants to grow and flower.  But then it seemed that the little critters got to know that we were planting them and every year they got eaten.  We tried all kinds of techniques to stop them but to no avail.  Then a few

years ago the deer moved into our yard and I'm sure they also helped

themselves to our lovely little plants.  What amazes me is that my husband

never gives up.  He just keeps on trying.  This year he did put a deer fence

around our veggies and that has helped everything!   Jim faithfully planted

the sunflower seeds and to our surprise they have grown - with big beautiful

flowers.  And there are 12 of them!  They are a beautiful welcoming

committee that runs along our driveway.  I was just so shocked and ask my

husband why he thinks they grew this year after 10+ years of no success.  He

attributes it to the fence, but also to Senor Cici Ramos who loves to spend

time in the garden exploring.  Jim said he found a few dead animals in the

garden (thanks to the guard kitty) and Cici probably scared away even more.

The flowers are an unexpected gift from a little kitty.  What I love about

story even more is that I realize that Jim has stayed dedicated to the

sunflowers for years... even when he was having no success.  He just never

gave up.  Jim is often the guy who gets up with Cici in the early morning

(and he doesn't complain but it has been trying),  and so these surprise

flowers are like a little gift from Cici to Jim!  It all comes around in the


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