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Grandma Power

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

While visiting my parents this Easter, Madeline and I took my mother  to se the new movie "The Lorax."  We really enjoyed it,   and one of our favourite characters (besides the Lorax of course) was the grandmother who helps the

boy find the Once-ler and then get a Truffula seed to plant.  The grandmother in the movie was smart, wise, supportive, adventurous and fun. Madeline is a lucky girl who has two amazing grandmothers in her life. Jim's mother "Grandma Betty" grew up in Orillia on a farm with 7 other

siblings.  They lived in a  3 bedroom farm house with no electricity, no indoor plumbing,  a huge garden that took a lot of work  and lots of animals all which provides a wonderful  background for many stories that Betty shares with Madeline. We have a picture that hangs in our home of Betty and her brothers and sister when they are all quite young (Betty looks about 7). Her younger sister Izzy is obviously pouting and Betty tells us it is

because she didn't get to wear the one pair of  "dress up socks" that she and Izzy shared.   Betty loves to talk about how the eight children shared a single pair of skates and no one dared complain because they were just so happy to skate.  Grandma Betty is sweet, kind and a gifted artist and

storyteller.  I just love that Madeline hears her stories about living so simply and happily.   We all laugh a lot when Betty starts telling her stories.    Madeline calls  my mother "Punk Grandma". Her name is Marie and she is a character.  She is 78 and cuts her own hair (very short and punk

like). She swears like a trooper and is the hardest worker you'll ever meet (she still works full time).  She grew up in England and was about 6 - 12 years of age during World War 2.  She is a very private person who never

told me stories about her life growing up, but is starting to now because Madeline asks so many questions.    My mom has started to tell Madeline about what her life was like during the war.  Her parents hosted people from

London who were evacuated because of the bombing.  She talks about what it was like when bombs were dropped near her home.  She has been telling Madeline about the food rationing and how her mother (Madeline's Great

Grandmother) always shared her chocolate rations with the family dog (I do truly come from a long line of dog nerds).   My mom also is an avid gardener and lives very simply even to this day.  I'm very grateful that both of these women share the stories of their lives with my daughter.  They are

both wise, smart and very generous women.  We love our  Grandmas!

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